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Jul 15, 2009 05:33 AM

Counter Burger now open in Reston

I just got a message that their Reston shop is now open at 11922 Democracy Drive. Counter Burger is primarily a West Coast chain known for more high-end burgers. Has anyone tried them?

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  1. Counter Burger is great. I found the chain this year in Santa Monica, California (the original restaurant) and I've also tried the one in Denver. The burgers are good and the shakes and malts are fantastic. IMHO, a big improvement over Five Guys.

    Last night I was at Reston Town Center with some co-workers and we ended up having dinner at The Counter last night (they had a soft opening yesterday). One of my co-workers came in this morning talking about getting another chocolate-peanut butter malt today for lunch.

    1. I just ate their for lunch (literally licked my fingers clean before typing this up). The place was quite chaotic. Their system for handling take-out, table seating and bar seating wasn't very clear and they had some difficulty keeping things under control, resulting in a lot of confused and slightly frustrated patrons (myself included). At a 15+ minute wait for take-out, it was anything but speedy.

      You have a lot of choices for building your own burger, including patty type (beef, chicken, veggie) and size (1/2, 2/3, 1lb). Lots of cheeses, toppings (including some premium ones), sauces.... You even have a few bun options. I bought a 2/3 lb burger, paying an extra buck for onion straws, and an order of fries. The fries were good, but nothing to write home about. Your standard thin variety. The burger was great with lots of flavor. A good amount of pink, which I'm sure helped (you do have the option to get well done, but who wants a well done burger?). My bun strained to hold all that beef until it eventually gave up and I resorted to finishing it off with a fork. The check came out to about $13, which was without a drink. Had I gone for the 1/2 lb without the onion straws, it would have probably been around $10. Not an unheard of price for a good burger around here, but not cheap.

      Overall, a good place to get a quality burger; especially if you like choices and don't mind paying for it. I hope the iron out their service issues as they get settled.

      1. I ate at the one in Palo Alto CA down the road from Stanford University. Good place with some nice option perfect college town burger joint.

        1. Went today for lunch. Great overall, but pricey. They did, however, want to make sure service was what it should be. I think it is an easy second to Ray's but as with both the price can get you. We got a 1/2 and1/.2 side and Frickles. That and three burgers cost $50 after tax/

          The sides we got are all good but plentiful.

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            Counter Burger is doing an unbelievable business. Whether it's lunchtime or nine o'clock at night it seems to be almost full every minute that it's open.

          2. I think the place is good, but for those prices it better be.
            1/3 burger, basket fries,1/3 chicken sandwich,lemonade and bottled water.
            over 40 dollars with tip.
            Overall, I'll be back but I wish the jalapenos had more zing and the buns are good but I like the
            bun at Mon Ami Gabi better.