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Staying in Medowlands,NJ need Recommendations of where to go for diner , of Bfast

As title say coming from New England, staying in Meadowlands, just looking for some good value and cool places to have dinner or must go to breakfast joints, mainly into , Indian, steak, bbc, good Burgers open to most things

Thanks in advance for your help


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  1. Segovia's in Moonachie is one of my favorite restaurants. It is the best Spanish food. It is at 150 Moonachie Rd less than 5 minutes from the Medowlands.
    Here is the link the website and menu http://www.segoviarestaurant.com/dinn...

    For Streak you can head toward the water and dine at Ruth Chris in Weehawken or Up North to Paramus to El Cid for the largest Tastiest Prime Rib.
    As far as Breakfast Joints there isn't much besides diners in that area but the Diners in NJ are great. You are not going to be far from the Tick Tock Diner on Route 3 West in Clifton which usually gets great reviews. I don't think it is the best Diner in NJ like others have said but it is not bad. I actually like the Meadowlands Diner on Route 17 south in Carlstadt.

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      Thanks a lot, I had forgoten the Tick tock, went there last time it was good

    2. Unfortunately there are tons of the standard chain restaurants in the area. For breakfast perhaps Tick Tock - http://www.tictockdiner.com/.

      1. Sorry to say I cannot help with any Indian recommendations, but I will try with some other suggestions. All of the places I will mention are within 15 minutes of Giants Stadium to give you a reference point.

        First off, you can forget about BBQ. There's really no place that stands out, but if you must, there's Smitty's in Lyndhurst. The reviews are mixed.


        For breakfast, you already know about the Tick Tock, but the place where the locals go to is the Colonial Diner on Orient Way in Lyndhurst.


        For steak, there are three places that come to mind. All three will have varying opinions, but they have all been around a while, so for sake of argument, we'll take that as a positive. CK's is the most expensive and has an excellent wine list, however, many feel the steak does not live up to the wine offerings. Steve's Sizzling Steak is near and it's probably been around for something like 50 years or more. They serve their steak on hot plates with Maggi sauce. Some love it, some hate it. Then there's the Alexus Steakhouse in Clifton. The Alexus is known for their 24 ounce Rib Eye or New York Strip for around $22. Many will say the place has declined, but I will tell you there was a recent ownership change and things have gotten much better in quality. Of the three, I would give the edge to the Alexus for quality and value.




        If you are adventurous, there are some other beef options. La Fusta is an Argentinian restaurant and then there's Mi Bandera in Union City. Mi Bandera is world famous in the Latin community. If you like skirt steak, this is your place.



        For burgers.....the Alexus is good. There's also Charlie Brown's and the Crow's Nest. CB's also has Prime Rib and a Salad Bar on a daily basis. The Crow's Nest is also probably the best place for you to see a local scene for a evening drink and scope out the famed NJ Cougar. The best thing the CN does is their Roast Beef Sandwich, one of their specialties. The CN is slightly above a diner in quality generally, but beef is one thing they do pretty good. The last time I was there was for lunch and I had the Short Ribs.....very good deal for $12.




        I would be remiss if I did not mention Rutt's Hut. You cannot leave town without going there for the *Ripper* Hot Dog. You can also get the quintessential NJ Sandwich there as well.....Taylor Ham and Cheese on a Hard Roll.



        Finally, I would agree with the recommendations of El Cid and Segovia for Spanish/Portuguese. Personally, I prefer EC, but it may or may not be worth the extra distance depending on your day.

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          Thanks a lot will try some of those out as, Im there for 3 nights its nice to have a change as eating bu ones self can get dull


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            If you are really adventurous and like ethnic foods.....go to Bergenline Avenue in Union City where Mi Bandera is. For diversity and value, you will be amazed. There are many small places where you can get a typical baked chicken, rice and beans for $5. In the places known as cafeterias(really luncheonettes), you can find Cubano sandwiches. I can't give you any specific places, but for inexpensive food and culture.....you will find it here. There are also many small coffee and dessert shops to sample as well.

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            Oh the Crow's nest is a good recommendation. The food is good and the place is nice to relax and enjoy a drink too.

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              Fourunder - Great post.
              Thank you, it helped me too!

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                  went to Rutts hut for lunch, had the Ripper , it was good but the star was the fries with gravy how do they make that its real good , I even scopped up what was left with my finger, LOL

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                    Aren't you glad you didn't follow the advice to skip Rutt's? I'm glad you went so you can now say you have been there yourself....and decide if you want to return, or not, and whether you will recommend the place to others. For me, it's the relish that brings me back. As for the gravy, I have no idea how it's made, but I would not be surprised if it came from a can or a powdered mix.....my rational being there isn't any item on the menu that seems to have had bones attached to make stock.

                    btw. the gravy added to the fries....the best nickle you ever spent?


                    *disclaimer...may not be the current menu prices(2009)

                2. Park and Orchard. Consistently wins awards for both food and wine. Prices reasonable for the amount and quality of food. Very high ceilings, so noise can be a factor. Try to get a table in area on the right side of the dining room-- a smaller side room which is a bit quieter.

                  Also, there is an Asian (fusion-type) of restaurant in the strip on Rte 3 northbound just beyond Lowes in East Rutherford. Also in the strip is Chilies and Starbucks--just for identification of the mall, not for food !! The Asian restaurant is very classy---esp. for a strip mall---and excellent flavors.

                  1. In Rutherford:
                    Sabor Peru--terrific food, VERY friendly owners www.saborperunj.com
                    Cafe Matisse--upscale; maybe not the best for solo dining www.cafematisse.com
                    Spring Grill Thai--what else? More than decent Thai food! Can't find a site, but they're at 4 Glen Rd
                    Rutherford, NJ 07070
                    (201) 933-4143

                    Ice Cream Charlies has homemade ice cream. He had me at the Ginger Lemon Chiffon. :-
                    )200 Park Ave
                    Rutherford, NJ 07070
                    (201) 939-8133

                    Go down Ridge Road in Lyndhurst less than a mile in on your left and stop at the Lyndhurst Bake Shop for terrific AUTHENTIC biscotti and homemade Italian ices.

                    Also down Ridge Road (past LBS) on the right, next to Wendy's, is Sultan Gyro; lots of good Turkish food in there--TOTALLY casual. Think fast-food casual. But great food.

                    You've got LOTS to go by...'tho I'd tell you to skip Rutt's Hutt b/c I'm one of those people who JUST. DOESN'T. GET. IT.

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                      You are not alone...I don't really care for Rutt's Hutt. I'd rather have Nathan's.

                      But I do highly recommend Segovia and Park & Orchard.

                    2. I also make a strong 'second' for the Colonial Diner in Lyndhurst. No nonsense, great local place for breakfast and lunch. Also, another strong 'second' for Sabor Peru in Rutherford. Even if you are skeptical about Peruvian food, the owners and operators are completely down to earth, and LOVE to talk about the food. The space is small and friendly.
                      For 'fast food', my advice is Baja Fresh on Route 17 South in East Rutherford. (Don't go to Sonic on Route 17 North - it's a zoo, and you may be tickted if you wait in the shoulder lanes of the highway)

                      There is no Indian fare in the Meadowlands area - the closest, I believe is in Lodi, Elmwood Park (BHOJ), Bloomfield, Montclair......If there is something closer I would love to know about it!

                      Some responders have mentioned various Latino fare in Union City - my favorite is La Gran Via, located on Bergenline Avenue at 39th st. Small storefront, with tables in the back.

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                        Thanks to every one I will repot back what I try


                      2. For good authentic as well as cheap Indian food, check out any number of restaurants on Newark Ave. (between Tonnelle & JFK) in Jersey City, it's about 10 minutes from the Meadowlands. Rasoi is the best restaurant on that block.

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                          ok update here

                          just came back from El Cid, all I can say is wow, people were laughing when they saw the size of the prime Rib, it must have been 5lb easy, it was a end cut, and then had 2 large bones to try and give you a visual, LOL, looks like cold prime rib tommorow


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                            Although this may be too late for the original poster, for the record, I think Indian Chef in Lodi, right off Rt. 17 northbound (in the same building as National Wholesale Luquidators), in terms of north Indian food, is better than anything I've tried on Newark Ave. in JC. (Newark Ave. is great for dosas though.) And that's probably more easily accessible from the Meadowlands too, given the traffic patterns. However it's very casual with a strange atmosphere and plastic cutlery, but it's worth it! My one visit to Rasoi wasn't very impressive, but admittedly that was a few years ago; I guess I should give it another chance.

                            Also, for Lebanese, check out Kamil's in Clifton. Again, not the fanciest decor, but when it's warm, you can eat outside in their courtyard. I've also heard good things about Toros and Mazaj just across the border in Paterson.

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                              While I have never eaten at Indian Chef, I have seen it every time I was at the International Food Store where Indian Chef is located within......however:

                              I heard that the Food Store pulled out maybe a couple of months ago.....with rumor an H Mart store is moving in. When was the last time you went to Indian Chef? I cannot see how any food concession could exist or survive around an empty store, or a store that is currently(or soon to be) being constructed.

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                                I was there in May. Indian Chef was still there, despite the fact that the International Food Warehouse had moved out. This made the atmosphere of the place very strange, but also sort of fascinating. I hope they're still there, but maybe they will move. They deserve a nicer space.