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Jul 15, 2009 01:51 AM

Macarons in Ottawa? anywhere?

Just wondering if there was an actual bakery in Ottawa that makes their own macarons?
I bought some in Montreal (at Nocochi and Iranian owned bakery) and they were ok.

But would like to try some actual fresher ones. These did not seem crispy enough.
I saw some for sale online from a french brand Fosier

weird thing is they do not seem to have the cream part and are just the meringue part....

And if none in Ottawa, what place in Montreal is reccomended?

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  1. Perhaps this thread can help you out as far as Montreal macarons are concerned.

    My personal favs are from Europea and Maison du Macaron. You can order the Europea ones online:

    The ones from that Fossier website are indeed macarons, but they are not the Parisian or Gerbet macarons that are so trendy these days.

    1. The French Baker on Murray St. in the Market area carries macarons in Ottawa. There's also a vendor (name escapes me) at the Ottawa Farmer's Market at Landsdowne that sells macarons. Both are very good.

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      1. re: PaulV

        Thanks will check the French Baker-I am never in the Murray St area but will make an effort.
        French Baker now has a location on Bank st in the Glebe now also.

        I was actually at the Lansdowne farmer's market but always get there too late to take a good look,will go much earlier this weekend.

        The macarons from the Fossier website,those sell for $8 in Canada from a Montreal (I think) website (was from

        Another thing I find really funny is that for most North Americans "macaroons" are made from coconut,honey and baked into a patty/muffin like thing and not even anything like the French ones (good if you like coconut though).

        Thanks for the info!

        1. re: MiriamOttawa

          Ooooh... I didn't know they had a second location! Thanks for the heads up. This one is so much easier for me to visit than driving downtown!

      2. Just found some macaroons @ Delice Royale in Orleans on Trim Rd.
        They were delish...but very expensive...6 for $9. I think I will try and make them on my own..

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        1. re: creteclan

          It's my understanding that that's a pretty reasonable price for macarons.
          I'm going to have to check them out soon... as if I needed an excuse, given that Delice Royale makes the most amazing bread!