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Jul 14, 2009 11:21 PM

Looking for Blenheim apricots?

If you are interested in Blenheim apricots there is an organic grower in Hollister that still has them for a few days at least. They grow spectacular apricots and this year in particular. There may be one or two farmer's markets you can pick them up this week but call to verify.

Apricot King Orchards (Gonzales Orchards) same business
831 637-1938

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  1. Fyi...They will be going to Los Altos farmers market on Thursday night this week and possibly Saratoga market on Saturday and Mountain View on Sunday depending on what's left. I have been getting blenheims for years from this grower and this year they are amazing but they're almost gone so if anyone still wants them call first and you can pick them up at the markets.

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      I'm at Andy's orchard in Morgan hill, tomorrow's the last of the blenheims, maybe today.

    2. For North Bay folk, Combs Farm sells Blenheims at the Healdsburg FM on Saturdays, Windsor Sundays.

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        fyi...Combs farms is out of blenheims. the season runs south so now they are ending in Hollister then Patterson. that's why I posted the grower in Hollister for this week only.

      2. When I inquired at the Healdsburg Farmer's Mkt last week, got the impression that the season was over or almost so. Would love to hear different.

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          Today they were at the B Bowl East, $1.69, from Brentwood, not organic, very ripe (follow the fruit flies). Quite delicious.

        2. You might try Sigona's Markets in Redwood City and Stanford Shopping Center

          1. I just posted on the California board that Apricot King in Hollister has started harvesting Blenheims. 20-pounds for $60, order and pick up at farmers market it attends.

            Here's a link to the farmers markets,