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Jul 14, 2009 10:12 PM

HATCH CHILE ROASTING 2009 Please add dates

My LAT arrived with the wrong weekly market advertisments for my address, but lucky me the Albertson's ad had the Hatch chile roasting schedule for selected stores this season. Last year some were able to attend events at Bristol Farms, with the benefit of being able to buy roasted chiles in smaller quantities than a 30 lb. sack. Last year the roasting that I attended began at 8 am, I arrived near that time and was probably 80 to 100 in line. People in front of line arrived before 6 am! We left with our bounty after 11 am. Standard disclaimers, as a fresh agricultural product, the chiles are subject to climactic conditions. Call stores to confirm date. Take a large ice chest or tub to transport chiles home to protect auto interior, freshly roasted chiles exude much liquid. Stock up on 1 gallon freezer bags to porportion freshly roasted chiles for freezing(and sharing).

Albertson's New Mexico Hatch Chili 30 lb. sack, $28.99. Free Roasting 8am. to 2 pm.

Aug. 15-16, 8850 Foothill Blvd., Rancho Cucamonga, 91730 (909) 484-7237

Aug. 22-23, 1800 W. Whittier Blvd., La Habra, 90631 (562) 697-6442

Aug. 29-30, 2469 Via Campo St., Montebello, 90640 (323) 888-2250

Aug. 29-30, 19307 Saticoy St., Reseda, 91335 (818) 772-0010

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  1. Dates for Bristol Farms chile roasting are as follows:


    Long Beach and Beverly West - 8/22/09 & 8/23/09

    Manhattan Beach and Valencia – 8/29/09 & 8/30/09

    South Pasadena & Newport Beach – 9/5/09 & 9/6/09

    Details on times and varieties will be on BF website as dates approach.

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    1. re: DWB

      FYI, it looks like the Manhattan Beach location will have their roasting on 8/28 and 8/29 (not on 8/30).

      1. re: DWB

        Do we have any more current dates for truck deliveries?? DEC. JAN??

        1. re: orange4cat

          I would presume not since the season is only August -September

          1. re: orange4cat

            i think your best bet right now would be the canned ones at trader joe's or frozen ones (which i have seen at albertsons and,i think, whole foods--i think the brand is bueno, or something like that.) good luck!

            1. re: chez cherie

              Bueno are very good. Albertsons does have them - not all of the branches though. (I've seen them in Los Feliz and down on Crenshaw, but not in Glendale.) My sister used to live in New Mexico and is extremely picky about her chilies. She happily uses Bueno when she can find them - she now lives in Chicago. I'm particularly fond of their "Autumn Roast." The frozen, IMHO, are far superior to the canned. Chilies freeze pretty well.

        2. Great news! Does anyone have this info (or a place I can get it) for OC locations?

          1. Completely missed out on this last year. Really want to go this year and get some. Anyone know of somewhere in the SFV doing this Burbank/Studio City area?

            1. I had never heard of this before today. Wikipedia led me to the annual fesitval in Hatch, NM, and claims of "world's best chile." Can anybody explain what makes these Hatch Chiles so special? And what you do with 30 pounds of them?

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              1. re: BearCity

                i'll give it a try. the hatch chiles are meaty and very flavorful--a more nuanced flavor than other roasted chiles, i think. (they are kinda like san marzano tomatoes, in that the conditions and growing expertise in hatch make a perfect climate for growing these chiles. like the volcanic soil in san marzano, paired with that specific varietal of tomato make those legendary. you can grow a san marzano type tomato elsewhere, but it won't taste the same. just like these chiles.)
                when i got my 30 lb. last year, i froze them in dozens. (i think i ended up with 14 glorious zip-locks full!) i've been portioning them out through the year, for chile verde, burgers, soups, casseroles (hatch chile mac n cheese is not to be missed) and more. i'm ready for my next batch in a few weeks. btw, the smell of your car on the way home from the roasting is an amazing thing!

                  1. re: BearCity

                    Ditto!! Thanks Cherie, Im there and Im shipping to friends.

              2. Will there be any roastings in the South Bay?

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                1. re: JEN10

                  Aside from the limited one at BF Manhattan Beach, probably not.
                  I've written Albertsons for the third year running and will advise if they will have a closer location.
                  BTW the chiles left at the event end (when I arrived) were allegedly the Sandia variety, but they were very mild and IMO not any better than the usual 'Anaheims'.
                  Picture here:

                  1. re: DiveFan

                    Thanks you Dive Fan, I will give them a call for dates.