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EL COYOTE 179th&Hillside

micheal Jul 14, 2009 08:43 PM

Because of the confusion with the new El Coyote on Northern and because I want to highlight great food and review(s) for the Hillside Place (thoroughly desrved) I'm pasting here. Probably there's a more correct way for this.
Seriously, El Coyote is one of my favorite restaurants in Queens. Everything I've tried is excellent but I'll list some here off the top of my head:
* table-side made guacamole (half the price of Rosa Mexicana but equally good)
* chicken quesadillas
* carne asada tacos
* pollo en salsa verde
* chicken mole (an excellent mole sauce and they use chicken breast rather than bone-in parts of the chicken which i personally prefer)
* good margaritas, frozen or otherwise
* arroz con pollo (good balance of flavors)
* very good desserts if you are still hungry (the tres leches cake and bueniullos or whatever the restaurant calls them are very good)
other people i have eaten with have enjoyed the extensive seafood options, including my parents who generally stick to Italian when they eat out- so it's high praise that they both enjoyed this place. My fiance was born in East LA so she's very picky about her Mexican, and even she loves El Coyote.
the prices are very reasonable, borderline cheap. even though i live in bayside, a couple of times a month i'll drive over for take out because it is the best mexican option anywhere close to me.
good service, F train takes you to the door and they have a small parking lot in the back or you can find parking within a block.
i will give you the Big V guarantee that you will like it- i expect a report back.
BigV Jul 11, 2009 02:07PM

Thanks for the comments on the menu. BTW,we need to make clear here that it's the EL COYOTE at 179th Hillside we are talking about not the new place on Northern Blvd which seems quite pricey.
About the Guacamole-exactly! and prepared the freshest at table side like Rosa M and half the price.
In addition to above,the LUNCH menu is fantastic and inexpensive. Complimentary chips and salsa. Love the Mexican style chicken (6.99$) - in a very rich tomato based sauce with poblano,red peppers,jalapeno,onions,etc. 
With sides of rice and beans -I think a little epazote or hoja santa spicing which is very special. Or as an alternative, a small salad very lightly dressed.
The lunch menu steak is great as well.
There is a little place outside at the back - not the boathouse in Central Park but pleasant.
micheal Jul 11, 2009 04:59PM

BigV, will report when I go. Thanks.
Some info --> http://queens.about.com/cs/restaurant...
Along w/ a kicking menu --> http://www.menuism.com/links/show/bHN...
Cheese Boy Jul 11, 2009 02:23PM

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  1. Polecat RE: micheal Jul 16, 2009 06:20 PM

    Based on Big V's and Big Jeff's recommendations, I hit El Coyote for a late lunch today. After the taco platter I ate today, however, I can't share the love. I had the Carnitas Michoacanas, the Barbacoa De Chivo, the Carne Asada, the Pollo Asado and the Lengua O Cabeza. The innards were uniformly and painfully dry - the Carne Asada the only one with a trace of juice at all - with not enough flavor to make a difference. The chicken was particularly bad. The tortillas struck me as fourth rate and stale; combined with the meats, they dried out my mouth like sawdust. By far, the best thing on the table was a nice, refreshing Tamarindo drink.

    Given the positive reviews quoted above, I'll allow for the possibility that maybe tacos aren't El Coyote's strong suit, that perhaps I hit them at a bad time of the day (the joint was as bone dry as my lunch), or that the cook/chef was not on his/her 'A' game. That said, ordering tacos at a Mexican restaurant could hardly be perceived as a misstep - not like, for instance, going to Katz's for a chef salad and a diet coke (not that I've done that) - and, based on my meal today, I'm not exactly inspired to return.

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      micheal RE: micheal Sep 3, 2009 05:43 PM

      I guess CHers can only do so much. This great Mexican in the bad location 179th-Hillside was padlocked when I went there for LUNCH today. People in the store beside it said it's shut for good.

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      1. re: micheal
        Paulomet RE: micheal Oct 1, 2009 03:43 AM

        That's very sad that it closed. I think Polecat must have been there on a very bad day. I had several great taco meals there and they really did have good guac. What's left in that area?

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