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Jul 14, 2009 08:42 PM

Charles Chips

Does anyone know where I can get them in the D.C. area? They come in a yellow tin with brown or black writing. I guess they used to be delivered to people's houses a long time ago or something, but I have gotten them Unwined in Alexandria (a wine shop in the Bradlee Shopping Center). However, I haven't seen them there lately.

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  1. Charles Chips are unavailable locally as far as I know. You have to order them online. The manufacturer says the tins are currently sold out, but they're trying to manufacture more. I've tried them and they don't really taste like the original Charles Chips we had delivered in the '70s. The closest approximation that I've found would be Grandma Utz Kettle Style Chips which are fried in lard.

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      I may be wrong but I don't think the "Original" Charles Chips exists anymore, just the brand name. The originals were great, and most restaurants in New Orleans (pre-Zapps) offered them as the side with your po-boy when I was a kid.

      1. re: dcandohio

        We had home delivery in Philly in the 70s. Tan tins with brown writing for the chips, and brown tins with tan writing for the pretzels.

        I remember them being great, but I was ten. :-)

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          I remember the chips came in a can that was more yellow than tan, but we agree on the brown writing. I loved those chips!

    2. If you are really trying to recapture the taste of Charles Chips (which I remember from the '60's) you may want to consider these: Good's Chips in the blue bag which are extra crispy and fried in lard (similar to Grandma Utz but I think better): and either Kay and Ray's or Kurly Kettle both of which are from the same company that manufacture another legendary chip, Gibble's: Excepting Kitch'n Cook'd from Maui ( - yes, they will ship to you but they are expensive, i.e. $5.00 for 5 ounces + shipping) I personally believe that Good's in the blue bag or Kurly Kettle are the best potato chips you can buy in a store. They will all ship to you. Last, as recently as several years ago you could go to Utz in Hanover and buy any chip they make in a tin can. At one time the Utz stand in Lexington Market offered the same with their basic line of chips but Hanover included Grandma Utz which is cooked in lard. FWIW there are grocery stores in Lancaster that carry 10 or 11 different brands of chips fried in lard all side by side.

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      1. Last time I checked, you could order Charles Chips through the Vermont Country Store catalog.

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        1. try your local cracker barrel restaraunt.........they had them about 2 years ago.....havent been to one since then......they sold them in the shop when you walk in