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Jul 14, 2009 07:46 PM

Close to BWI

Need help......just found out the inlaws are flying in tomorrow evening (Wed). I need something close to BWI. I need two suggestions. I'm not sure if they are going to want full dinner, or just something light, drinks and apps. Any help would be really appreciated, I'm trying to avoid the chain type places.

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  1. Two ideas if you're driving back south on BW Parkway or I-95.

    Maiwand Kabob just off BW Parkway near Arundel Mills. It's a casual Afghan place. No liquor, but great kabobs and tandoori bread. The appetizers make it an absolutely special place. But it's counter service. Nice place, but no waiters.

    Timbucktu just off Rte 100 in Hanover between BW Parkway and U.S. 1. Go for the crab cakes. They're delicious, although there are detractors. They certainly have a bar. They also serve other food, although I have never heard a reason to eat anything but crab there.

    Prior posts recommended a place called Gunnings for crab cakes and others for Korean and Japanese:

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      Haven't been in awhile, but you may want to consider Trattoria Alberto on Route 3 in Glen Burnie, for a more formal place.

      Alberto's Italian Restaurant Trattoria
      1660 Crain Hwy S, Glen Burnie, MD 21061

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        There is a Maiwand Kabob MUCH closer to BWI than at Arundel Mills.

        839 Elkridge Landing Rd, Linthicum Heights, MD 21090

        Link: <>

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          But their hours are much more limited. They're only open till 7:30 pm and they're closed weekends.

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            Nope, they are open until 9 pm now! But...still closed on the weekends:(

      2. If the inlaws decide they want to treat you to something fancy, head over to the Elkridge Furnace Inn. Off of Rt 1, just south of I-195.

        If they want a chain atmosphere, head over to Arundel Mills mall off of Rt 100; you can find pretty much anything over there.

        1. G & M will work
          by the way if in the terminal, it is hard to beat a pulled pork sandwich with that fantastic bbq sauce at bill batemans plus french fries and cole slaw, Pour me a tall draft Blue Moon with a slice of orange, put me in front of a flat screen with some game on and I totally can forget that I am in an airport

          1. Probably too late, but I really dig Snyder's WIllow Grove - and I do think it's a good bit better than G&M, actually. I was let down at G&M.

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            1. re: Dennis S

              Anything is better than G&M. The Washington Post did crab cake lovers a disservice when they named it one of the best around -- it's a terrible crab cake.

              1. re: JonParker

                Agree Jon, and the Post started all this G&M hype like 12 years ago when the Crummy But Good column liked it. A generation of DC people think their lame pasteurized Asian is a good crabacke, and that mean servers with questionable other variables is a good example of a Maryland crab shack. Then they repeated the misinformation, like the recent article. They mean well, they just keep proving DC standards for crabcakes are not as, um, experienced. It's like people trusting the NYT with the article extolling Waterman's--what's cute to outsiders doesn't cut it with locals in the know.