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Jul 14, 2009 07:35 PM

YumYum Thai Atlanta

Help! I am obligated to dine here Friday night. I'm highly sensitive to MSG and don't know if Thai restaurants use it or not. The only Thai foods I've eaten are what's been prepared by friends. Can anyone give advice on what to order here that is msg-free or recommend any strategies for avoiding it? I know that Chinese restaurants usually have it in the mise en place before the foods are cooked.

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  1. This is the little place in the strip shopping center off Lawrenceville Highway in Tucker, east of Atlanta? I've eaten there for lunch quite a few times, and their food is good. I've got friends that always get some sort of seafood soup sort of thing that they swear by - I'm more of a red curry or basil beef kind of guy.

    I wish I could answer your question about MSG, but I wouldn't know if it was in something I ate or not and I don't know whether its an issue at Thai places like it often is in many Chinese places. I've never heard of it being so, for what that's worth. I guess asking is the only strategy I can think of that would work, although I've been told by friends that doesn't always work.

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      You'll need to be very careful. Thai cooks use MSG in lots of their dishes, maybe as much as 50% of the dishes.