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Jul 14, 2009 06:59 PM

What? No Wheat?!

Hi all! Here's a tough one. My boyfriend found out he has a wheat allergy which cuts out lots of food options. I'd really like to treat him to something really tasty so he doesn't feel too discouraged about not being able to eat anything he likes.

The blacklisted items are as follows: mushrooms, cheese, anything that goes through a "molding" process, bread, anything baked, buttermilk, condiments, salad dressings, peanut products, soy sauce, vinegar, spices, beer, wine, alcohol, pickles, saeurkraut, anything fermented, truffles, chocolate, coffee, tea, fruit juices unless freshly squeezed, nothing too high in sugar...umm I think that's it!!

I want to be able to go somewhere as inconspicous to the sitution as possible (meaning NOT a raw food or purely vegan place). And good food! I feel like what I'm asking is mission impossible but any help would be so appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!

PS We are westside

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  1. Whole Foods has a ton of wheat free baked goods. Not good for me because they contain 1 of three things I'm allergic to -- Xanthan Gum. They also carry Red Bridge wheat free beer which is sweet but good.

    You need to double check some of the things on your list. For instance he can have vinegar just not malt vinegar.

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    1. re: Hershey Bomar

      Yes, we love WF! I've double checked the list from the dr's and I'm pretty sure its all vinegar. I know he can't have balsamic either or any salad dressings and he's staying away from sushi rice. I double checked the rest of the list too... and its still true! I know its crazy! Oh and no corn!

    2. that blacklist goes way beyond wheat! since he can't eat anything fermented either, he's also on an anti-candida diet, which is usually the protocol for a yeast/mold allergy. that's no fun. poor guy :(

      some random ideas:
      M Cafe de Chaya
      Jack Sprat's
      Inn of the Seventh Ray

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        Yes! That's exactly what it is! Yeast/mold :(
        Thank you so much for your suggestions!

        1. re: Yes Please

          my pleasure - i hope you find something you can both enjoy!

      2. Thanks for all the replies so far, just checking back in hopes of kicking this post back up a bit.

        He can eat meat and veggies basically so maybe some help with restaurants like that? Grills and such? Fish and seafood is okay too. Thanks again!

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        1. re: Yes Please

          Not sure geographically where you have in mind but...

          Ruth's Chris - lobster, fish, meat, steamed broccoli, asparagus, baked potatoes, etc.
          King's Seafood
          Delis like Nate'n'Al's
          Eat Well
          Il Pastaio
          Eduardo's (great sides of chicken, beans, rice, etc.)
          California Fresh - chicken, eggplant salad (one of my faves)
          26 Beach - salads esp
          Ocean Ave Seafood
          Cafe del Rey
          The Palm
          Newsroom Cafe
 many choices... as someone gluten and dairy free now, i find that almost any restaurant *can* accommodate, and most are all too happy to do so.

          1. re: Emme

            Thank you so much! A lot of those places are pretty close to us.

            It is just so much harder than we thought! It turns out nothing smoked or cured is allowed either, no rice and we gave up salad dressing for olive oil and lemon which is not bad, but we do miss vinegarette...

            1. re: Yes Please

              another thing i often do is ask to substitute vegetables for noodles in a pasta dish if it has something i like, and can be done gluten and dairy free (aside from the pasta).

            2. re: Emme

              Newsroom is a great call, i don't know *why* i always forget about that place!

          2. for an extremely casual meal, it sounds like many of the items served at SAMOSA HOUSE (indian vegetarian food) would work for him.
            skip the roti (flatbread).
            skip the raita (yogurt sauce served on the side).

            when they use cheese in a dish, it is homemade paneer which they make themselves and does NOT go through a fermentation/molding process.

            most of the rest of the food served there should be ok.

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            1. re: westsidegal

              Thank you, those are good tips! Skipping the bread is becoming more and more painful though!

            2. The original comment has been removed