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Jul 14, 2009 06:58 PM

Restaurants serving local bought seafood near Topsail Beach, NC

Need suggestions for places near Topsail Beach,NC or Surf City where the restaurants use local seafood, not frozen. Will be traveling there for vacation July 25-28. Will be also visiting Wilmington. Not looking for fancy, just fresh and delicious seafood! Thanks!

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  1. This might help:

    Regardless of their sources, I think South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach is excellent.

    1. Local (almost all of it) in Wilmington: Catch Restaurant -

      I sometimes drive down all the way from Raleigh to each here for lunch.

      1. Indigo Marsh in Surf City focuses on locally raised produce and local meat and seafood. The chef's father-in-law has a nearby farm.

        1. You need to take a look at the local paper and see what is running. Then call the local restaurants and find out of they are serving that catch.

          Just a tip, no restaurant can sell only locally caught seafood or there would only be a couple of things on the menu. Different seafood is caught during different times of the year because of the ocean water temps.