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Ideas for Pickled Herring!?

I got a bug for pickled herring yesterday and when I picked up the giant jar of the most fabulous looking filets and a Norwegian man came from behind and declared them to be the best he has had since childhood...

Well, I have 26 ounces of herring in wine marinade staring me down.

I am looking for some fun things to do with it. Good things to go along side it... I have beets and cipollini onions sitting in my yard. I make bread. What do you creative people think?

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  1. Some sort of cabbage, fennel, apple slaw?

    1. Herring mixed with sauted shrimp on a bed of scrambled eggs. Fried potatoes (German fried potatoes, of course) on the side.
      Whip two eggs with about 1/4 tsp vinegar into a batter before putting them into the pan over medium low heat for a softer/fluffier scramble.

      1. Rollmops are a classic German approach - herring filets wrapped around a piece of pickled onion, dill pickle, or both. You can get creative and add a touch of mustard, hot pepper, anchovy, etc.

        My mouth is watering just thinking about this...

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          Hmmm. I have beautiful onions right now. Maybe I will pickle them. Anchovy and herring? This is done?? I have them. I will try it. Thank you. Maybe I will pickle some beets too.

        2. You can bread and fry them to make bratherring (another German favorite).

          I like them on a hearty cracker with sliced onions, maybe sieved eggs and nothing more.

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            What are sieved eggs? I am thinking about making matzo crackers to make matzo crack, but I could make lots of extra. Would matzo work?

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              Hard boiled eggs pushed through a sieve or ricer. Sometimes used as an accompaniment to caviar as well.

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                Matzo would work, the first time I had pickled herring was on saltines. My preference is for something hearty like a Wasa cracker or Scandinavian flat bread.

            2. Right outta the jar, with a glass of red wine in the other hand!
              I mean, if it's really good pickled herring, does it need anything? mmm

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                  On a Wasa cracker with a slice of cucumber - divine.

                  Or slather it with a curry cream sauce - also to die for.

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                    Red wine would not be my choice either. Iced vodka on the other hand, now you're talking! Can you say zakuski?

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                      I think it's a habit, since my parents always had red wine with them. Hmm, vodka, brings to mind chilled sake too

                2. Great snack food while perusing Chowhound. Pickled herring and kimchi are two of the comfort foods on my profile, and I have emptied many jars of both in between tapping away here...
                  Maybe the mods would like to buy me a case so I do more eating and less tapping?

                  1. Make an "Asian fusion" "pizza." Go to a good Chinese restaurant and order a few orders of scallion pancakes. Spread cream cheese on the scallion pancake triangles (you may want to crisp the triangles in the oven/toaster oven). Place herring pieces and fresh minced Vidalia onion on the triangles and top with Romanoff black caviar (the cheap stuff from the supermarket).

                    I would also take the herring and cut each piece in at least two (unless they're herring "tidbits") and mix with lots of sweet onion slices and hunks of cucumber (that you've salted and let drain for about 1/2 hour), and shredded carrot. You've got yourself a salad worthy of being the main dish at lunch or brunch.

                    Finally, *that* much pickled herring is worth buying a bunch of fresh dill for.

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                      Fascinating. A truly fascinating suggestion with those scallion pancakes. And I bet really good.

                      I just eat mine with plain ol' potato, potato salad made with cucumbers, or dense rye bread!

                    2. Maybe a few more interesting suggestions, here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/292454

                      1. My mother is German and at Christmas she would make a potato salad useing the Herring... it never was my favorit and remember pulling out the herring... but think it was made close to the Amish potato salad useing sour cream in place of Mao.

                        1. I am a pickled herring addict. Yes, of course, I can sit there with the jar opened with a pile of whole wheat crackers, but then I will consume the entire jar and get a lecture from my wife.

                          I like playing in the kitchen. Here's a few things that are fun

                          Put the Herring in an open bowl, covered in the wine sauce.
                          Place three or four (or five) dipping bowls with GOK (GOK = God only knows)
                          Hot mustard
                          Balsamic vinegar
                          Lemon/lime juice
                          Sweet/Hot Beet Dip ( Pickled beets blended with Lousiana Hot sauce MMMM)
                          A1 sauce (yes! A1)
                          (and any combination of the above)

                          Take your time, use chop sticks for fun...and a variety of different flavored crackers

                          Sushi - No brainer. Line the sushi rice with sliced herring (sans juice) and a green onion.


                          Devilled eggs? Chop the herring into tiny bits (by hand...less mess)
                          add the chopped herring to the devilled egg mixture


                          Have some left over beet juice from a jar of Pickled beets?
                          Add about a dozen pieces of herring to the beet juice and set in the refrigerator for a day.

                          Bloody red fish! and tasty too.


                          men-cooking.takeashare.com (where men play in the kiitchen and change all the rules.

                          1. http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/88...

                            great recipes-
                            I have made them several times

                            I purchase the fillets from markets specializing in foods from Russia and former Soviet Republics here in Broward county.