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Jul 14, 2009 06:58 PM

Ideas for Pickled Herring!?

I got a bug for pickled herring yesterday and when I picked up the giant jar of the most fabulous looking filets and a Norwegian man came from behind and declared them to be the best he has had since childhood...

Well, I have 26 ounces of herring in wine marinade staring me down.

I am looking for some fun things to do with it. Good things to go along side it... I have beets and cipollini onions sitting in my yard. I make bread. What do you creative people think?

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  1. Some sort of cabbage, fennel, apple slaw?

    1. Herring mixed with sauted shrimp on a bed of scrambled eggs. Fried potatoes (German fried potatoes, of course) on the side.
      Whip two eggs with about 1/4 tsp vinegar into a batter before putting them into the pan over medium low heat for a softer/fluffier scramble.

      1. Rollmops are a classic German approach - herring filets wrapped around a piece of pickled onion, dill pickle, or both. You can get creative and add a touch of mustard, hot pepper, anchovy, etc.

        My mouth is watering just thinking about this...

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          Hmmm. I have beautiful onions right now. Maybe I will pickle them. Anchovy and herring? This is done?? I have them. I will try it. Thank you. Maybe I will pickle some beets too.

        2. You can bread and fry them to make bratherring (another German favorite).

          I like them on a hearty cracker with sliced onions, maybe sieved eggs and nothing more.

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          1. re: JungMann

            What are sieved eggs? I am thinking about making matzo crackers to make matzo crack, but I could make lots of extra. Would matzo work?

            1. re: Sal Vanilla

              Hard boiled eggs pushed through a sieve or ricer. Sometimes used as an accompaniment to caviar as well.

              1. re: Sal Vanilla

                Matzo would work, the first time I had pickled herring was on saltines. My preference is for something hearty like a Wasa cracker or Scandinavian flat bread.

            2. Right outta the jar, with a glass of red wine in the other hand!
              I mean, if it's really good pickled herring, does it need anything? mmm

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                1. re: Sal Vanilla

                  On a Wasa cracker with a slice of cucumber - divine.

                  Or slather it with a curry cream sauce - also to die for.

                  1. re: Sal Vanilla

                    Red wine would not be my choice either. Iced vodka on the other hand, now you're talking! Can you say zakuski?

                    1. re: BobB

                      I think it's a habit, since my parents always had red wine with them. Hmm, vodka, brings to mind chilled sake too