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Jul 14, 2009 05:55 PM

Sidecar, Harlem or Globe?

Hello all!

My best friend is visiting from Zurich next week, and I wanted to take him somewhere special for dinner. Doesn't need to be extravagant, just a fun atmosphere with great food. The above 3 places were some of the suggestions I received and ideas i've had. Looking to spend $50-75 per person not including drinks. Any other suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Globe is nice and local food-ish. Harlem is "soul food" and decent. Not been to Sidecar. From what I know, I'd choose Globe for a nice meal. Try and hit the patio up on the roof first. Opens at 5, I think.

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      Agreed. I havent been to sidecare either, but globe is really a beautiful room, and in my experience, has had great service and food. Harlem's food is also pretty good, but much more casual, so I think it really depends what type of experience you're looking for.

    2. globe is fancier for sure, but i really like sidecar for the amazing patio and drinks. it is more casual tho. for the record, they served me the biggest portion of salmon i've ever received in a TO resto, and for the 24$ prix fixe no less.

      1. haven't been to harlem, but have been to the other two. sidecar is good and has a very reasonable prix fixe menu. I've been to globe a few times and always had excellent food without being gouged.


        1. Given the local nature of Globe, with its emphasis on Ontario-sourced ingredients, I think this would be my choice for an out-of-towner. Harlem is doing American South, and Sidecar is doing affordable bistro...things one can find in cities around the world.

          1. This is hillarious; my former housemate and groomsman is visiting from Zurich, as well, and we're trying to find a good place to take him for dinner in TO as well!
            Thanks for putting the question out there!
            Tip: we've been feeding our friend lots of meat (humongous barbequed rib steaks, 12-oz.portions of cedar planked salmon) for which he is extremely hungry given the price of fresh meat in Switzerland....and of course the Chinese cuisine that is garnering quite a reputation in the GTA ....

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              It must be the Swiss invasion, one of my sisters and her family just arrived from Vevey this past weekend. I'll eat at with them at Globe before they return..

              1. re: foodyDudey

                thanks for all the info. I agree about the price of meat in Switzerland. The price of everything seems a bit outrageous to me, but what a beautiful place to live. Worth it I think (if you can afford it)! Globe remains my number one now, and I think Harlem will be our backup choice! I must say, i'm intrigued by all the comments regarding their mac &cheese.

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                  Globe is a good choice for a special dinner, but I should note that I wouldn't categorize it as "fun atmosphere" as you asked in your post. The main dining room is actually quite elegant, so it may feel a touch more formal than you're looking for? But the food and service are great, so no warnings there. Also, if you start out with drinks on the rooftop patio, you'll get more of a fun vibe.

                  BTW, I'm not so sure what all the fuss is about the Harlem mac and cheese. I found it pretty bland and overly thick. But I love Harlem (except the collard greens), so I just don't order it anymore. The best mac and cheese I've had lately at a restaurant was at Caren's Wine and Cheese -- creamy, cheesy, spicy...delish.