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Jul 14, 2009 05:01 PM

Recs for Denver?

Heading to Denver for a baseball weekend in early August. Looking for local flavor recs for breakfast, lunch and pre and post game dining. Going by foot from downtown, or by local transit or cab. All cuisines welcome.

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  1. There have numerous posts with recommendations for downtown Denver -- often the same places recommended, re-recommended and re-re-recommended. Downtown Denver is not all that large, so everything in the downtown grid, the Platte Valley on the other (west-ish) side of the railroad tracks is w/in reasonable range. One thing to note is that places right near Coors Field tend to get jammed before a game. Plenty of pubs and sports bars to absorb much of the post-game crowd.

    Highlands (NW Denver) and Uptown (east of downtown) have many dining options too. So does Cherry Creek North, which also offers Denver's best shopping -- if that's part of the game plan.

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      I'm with Claire—search for "downtown Denver" first, because it'll allow you to glean a load of info and then ask more targeted questions if need be that people might actually answer. It also, of course, depends on what you mean by "local flavor"—for instance, a lot of the best Mex hole in the walls aren't downtown.

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