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Jul 14, 2009 04:51 PM

Turkish Restaurant in Montco

We have a client working in Blue Bell looking for Turkish food in this area. I am not aware of anything noteworthy. What am I missing?

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  1. The only Turkish places I know are in Bristol or Center City.

    1. It's not Turkish, but Yalda Grill, the Afghan place in Willow Grove is close. The kebabs especially are very similar to those you would find in Turkish cuisine.

      1. Although they may not be specifically Turkish, you may want to look into 2 places in Lafayette Hill, Caspian Grill and Persian Grill that may have similar cuisine.

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        1. re: Den

          Where is the Caspian Grille? Never heard of it. Any reviews?

          Ever since the original owners sold Persian Grill, I've lost interest in it.


          1. re: Chefpaulo

            Caspian is in the strip center right down from Persian. Ali the guy who runs it is very pleasant. It's more of a take out place but they do have some table to eat in.

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              BTW, hea also has a stall in the Flourtown Farmer's Market.

          2. If they are willing to come into the city, Divan is very authentic. I loved Iskender kebab in Turkey and Divan is the only place I've seen it in the US. They also have a very high quality of lamb ingredients and a nice setting if you want to have a pleasant evening with a customer.

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              I just checked out their web site. It looks like it's definately worth a try. Their menu is a little strange, though. I don't think I've every seen a menu where there are two prices listed for every item -- a cash price and a credit card price. What's up with that? If you pay for your dinner with a credit card, you could end up with quite an accumulation of additional "fees".

              1. re: PattiCakes

                Wow. That pricing thing is new. And weird. I'm not even sure it's legal, though gas stations get away with it.

                1. re: feklar42

                  Yeah. There's a $1 up charge on apps, but the entree's have up charges of as much as $3-4 each. That could really add up for a party of 4. Maybe I'll start a thread on thye "not about food" board.

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                    We haven't been to Divan in quite awhile, but it was always very good. Can anyone compare it to Konak?

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                      You guys are the best! thoughts on Konak would also be appreciated.

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                        Did you ever! Forty seven replies in the first day. Hot topic!