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Jul 14, 2009 04:41 PM

PigRoast - Caterer?

Hi everyone,
I’m hosting my mom’s 50th birthday party and we are looking for a caterer to provide and serve a whole roasted pig for about 30. Anyone know who does this work in Toronto area?

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  1. Sorry I can't help you with a caterer....but if all else fails, go to Chinatown or a Chinese Barbecue Meats store and you can purchase one already cooked. You can get different sizes of pig or possibly a Baby Suckling Pig. I sure there will be a few manly blokes who can handle the serving of the pig at the party.

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      I have often thought it would be neat to get one of these BBQ places to do a whole pig. There's one that I like at 7 and Valleymede that seasons the inside really nicely.

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        That's what we do for our street party. You can order it from many Asian BBQ meat places, including supermarkets. Just make sure they do their own BBQ and that they sell pork. A suckling pig, should be big enough for 30 provided there is other stuff. It comes in a cardboard box ready-sliced - like a giant pizza box. Some people are grossed out by the head.

      2. The Ben Wicks does (used to) do a roast pig during the Parliament Street Festival (I was last there about 5 years ago). I would guess they cot someone to do it for them, maybe give them a call? Sounds like a great idea!

        1. I am almost positive that Eddystone Meats (on Eddystone Road, near Finch and the 400) or Vicentina Meats (which is newar Jane and Langstaff) would both be able to provide you with a pig roast. Both are excellent in providing porchettas, but I don't see why they wouldn't roast a whole pig with the head for you. I am pretty sure that my parents got one from Eddystone years ago.

          1. I think I agree with Paulustrious...for 30 people a suckling pig would be enough. A grown up pig ( for lack of a better term) might be too much for 30 people. The Chinese style suckling pig has a crispy skin and is often served with hoisin sauce. I rarely see it served hot though.

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              I think I agree with Paulustrious...for 30 people a suckling pig would be enough

              A Chinese style suckling pig would be barely enough just for me......:-)

            2. Florence Meat Market in Oakville will roast a pig from scratch at your location. Long time since I used them but they were good.


              Most recently I used a Chinese BBQ at Sheppard & Brimley (I think) in Scarborough for an entire piglet. It cost $110 and was more than enough for 30 people although there was lots of other food as well. The place was behind (north of ) the HSBC Centre on Sheppard