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PigRoast - Caterer?

Hi everyone,
I’m hosting my mom’s 50th birthday party and we are looking for a caterer to provide and serve a whole roasted pig for about 30. Anyone know who does this work in Toronto area?

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  1. Sorry I can't help you with a caterer....but if all else fails, go to Chinatown or a Chinese Barbecue Meats store and you can purchase one already cooked. You can get different sizes of pig or possibly a Baby Suckling Pig. I sure there will be a few manly blokes who can handle the serving of the pig at the party.

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      I have often thought it would be neat to get one of these BBQ places to do a whole pig. There's one that I like at 7 and Valleymede that seasons the inside really nicely.

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        That's what we do for our street party. You can order it from many Asian BBQ meat places, including supermarkets. Just make sure they do their own BBQ and that they sell pork. A suckling pig, should be big enough for 30 provided there is other stuff. It comes in a cardboard box ready-sliced - like a giant pizza box. Some people are grossed out by the head.

      2. The Ben Wicks does (used to) do a roast pig during the Parliament Street Festival (I was last there about 5 years ago). I would guess they cot someone to do it for them, maybe give them a call? Sounds like a great idea!

        1. I am almost positive that Eddystone Meats (on Eddystone Road, near Finch and the 400) or Vicentina Meats (which is newar Jane and Langstaff) would both be able to provide you with a pig roast. Both are excellent in providing porchettas, but I don't see why they wouldn't roast a whole pig with the head for you. I am pretty sure that my parents got one from Eddystone years ago.

          1. I think I agree with Paulustrious...for 30 people a suckling pig would be enough. A grown up pig ( for lack of a better term) might be too much for 30 people. The Chinese style suckling pig has a crispy skin and is often served with hoisin sauce. I rarely see it served hot though.

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              I think I agree with Paulustrious...for 30 people a suckling pig would be enough

              A Chinese style suckling pig would be barely enough just for me......:-)

            2. Florence Meat Market in Oakville will roast a pig from scratch at your location. Long time since I used them but they were good.


              Most recently I used a Chinese BBQ at Sheppard & Brimley (I think) in Scarborough for an entire piglet. It cost $110 and was more than enough for 30 people although there was lots of other food as well. The place was behind (north of ) the HSBC Centre on Sheppard

              1. I always get it from Royal Meats in Mississauga and they'll cut it up for you. If you go there on a Saturday, they have freshly roasted pig which you can buy by the kilo to try out. Serbians roast smaller pigs as they're more tasty. The Chinese places usually use pigs that are a bit older.

                Royal Meat Products Ltd.
                3635 Cawathra Rd. (Burnhamthorpe South)
                Mississauga Ontario L5A 2Y5

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                  Actually the Chinese BBQ places I have been to will do any size pig depending on the number you hosting - I went for the piglet for $110 but they do them all the way up to $300.

                2. Son Lechon BBQ Restaurant
                  3366 Keele St
                  Toronto, ON M3J1L5
                  (416) 636-2988

                  I believe this was the same business that was called "Son Brothers" years ago. Lechon is the Filipino term for "suckling pig". I remember when I was young, we'd always be invited to some relatives' baptism in the Jameson Ave. area and there was always at least half a lechon from Son Brothers BBQ. Filipino style suckling pig is different from the Chinese or European versions. The skin ends up thin and glassy, almost fragile but crispy. The meat is very juicy with a nice layer of fat with every piece. The meat is cut up into small cubes with a piece of skin attached to it. There is a traditional lechon sauce that is partly made from the pig's liver, but it is slightly sweet and doesn't taste like liver at all. You don't need to go with Son Lechon BBQ, just Google for lechon Toronto and see what you get. I think Casa Manila also does lechon. Good luck!

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                    Yep, that liver sauce is really good with the pork! Can't remember the name of the brand my wife buys, but it comes in two varieties, regular and hot, and the hot rocks!

                    When I was in the Philippines, I went to a traditional resto in Manila called "Kamayan". No utensils - you eat everything with your fingers. There's a glassed in room with at least a dozen piglets on spits, turning over hot coals, and a young guy with a long stick with a nail in its end. As the pigs turn, he would jab them periodically with this spear. This brought the fat bubbling to surface, and created that incredible crispy skin.

                  2. Thanks everyone for great suggestions. I'll have to try the pigs from the different places this month to find the one we like the best.

                    1. Does anyone know where you can get a RAW and prepped (i.e. organs and inedibles removed) suckling pig in the GTA? Preferably Richmond Hill / Markham area? Any prices as well? ... if a roasted suckilng pig is about $110, i'd presume a non-roasted one would be about $50?

                      I'm planning to cook it throughout the day in the ground, on hot rocks with a smoldering fire and lots of insulation on top.... has anyone tried this in the city and have any tips?

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                        I know it's not the area you want but there are fully prepped Suckling Pigs at St. Lawrence Market North on Saturdays.

                      2. http://www.rotisserietogo.com/Home.html

                        These guys did my brother's wedding last year. Professional, reasonable prices and sooooo delicious!

                        1. Just came from an awesome pig roast out in Grand Valley about 2 weeks ago

                          They got it catered from the place right on the corner of Trafalgar & Steeles in Hornby I believe.. let me try to dig up the name

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                            Duckdown, I believe the place in Hornby is Levlo meats. They have excellent smoked products as well. I go to an annual pig roast in Georgetown, and they always supply the pig. Tell them how many people, what time you want if for and our friends always just go and get it, all cooked. I am unsure as to whether or not they would deliver.

                          2. just to follow up.....

                            we ended up getting a pig from the chinese bbq shop at hwy 7 and valleymede .... the pig was about 50-60 lbs before any cleaning and innard removal ....we ordered it about a week in advance and paid a total of $65 for it ...

                            the day before our roast, we picked it up with a van and lined the floor with a few garbage bags ... we then cut straight down the belly (butterflying the entire pig) ... and marinated it overnight (with some ice to keep it cool) in a plastic tub....

                            cooking the pig without a spit, we essentially bbq-ed it on a large homemade grill.. and used 4 ppl to flip it over (after about 2.5 hours..for a total of 5 hours of cooking) ....make sure u watch out for flames!! (that burn the skin!) ....

                            the pig fed about 30 ppl and we didn't even touch the hind legs (there was that much meat) ... the meat was really moist and tender (even the lean parts) and the ribs were fall of the bone...the belly and cheeks were full of fatty goodness....

                            anyways, thanks for all those who responded....we'll probably get a much smaller one next time!

                            1. Lykn Chicken does catering if you want a whole smoked suckling pig...there's a number of Chowhounders on here who eat there.


                              "We offer smoked whole turkeys, prime rib roasts, whole smoked suckling pig or roast pork leg. Ask about our sides to complete the meal. We require 48-hour notice for all catered orders."