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Dungeness Crab in Vancouver

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Will be visiting Vancouver the last two weeks of August. Would like to know the best place for dungeness crab.

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  1. Singapore Chili Crab at the Banana Leaf would be my choice. But Seafood places like Blue Water, The Cannery, Rodney's will have it too.

    1. The wife and I had a pair of dungeness crabs at Joe Fortes 3 weeks ago while visiting Vancouver, they were outstanding, well prepared (standard flash cooked) and with great sides. I also really liked the atmosphere there, very busy, fast paced and with great energy. I'd go back again.

      1. We had a great dungeness crab meal at a Vietnamese restaurant called Hai Phong. They make it in several ways but the tamarind crab is what they are famous for. Check out my review here: http://chowtimes.com/2009/06/28/hai-p...