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Jul 14, 2009 03:37 PM

Door County this weekend

Hi all,

I've searched the board for Door County posts, but could only find 2. We're staying in Egg Harbor this weekend, any ideas for great dinners? We'll be there 3 nights (Friday through Monday) and have 12 adults traveling together. The majority of the group will want very casual meals. I was thinking about The Greenwood Supper Club and The Old Post Office Restaurant.

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  1. I have been to Door County / Egg Harbor for a couple of vacations in the last several years. Best spot would probably be a a restaurant called Trio which is located just on the north side of town. I am not sure what their reservation policy is however and I can remember some long (but worth it) waits for a table

    We might be heading back later this month for a few days. Post your experience please.

    4655 County Rd E, Egg Harbor, WI 54209

    1. We were in Door County over Memorial Day weekend. The Old Post Office in Ephraim was a highlight - Earl is a character and the whole fish boil is a don't-miss experience (and I don't even like fish! The chicken was great, too and the cherry pie was yum!). Make a reservation for your seating right away, and show up early for the boilover. Also loved Harbor Fish Market and Grille in Bailey's Harbor - had a delicious lunch of quiche and fruit overlooking Lake Michigan on the "quiet side" in a beautiful old building. Also check out Wilson's in Ephraim for ice cream.

      1. Thanks! Anything else in Egg Harbor proper? I made reservations at the Old Post Office, I might do Trio for Sunday night. Is Bailey's Harbor a far drive from Egg Harbor?

        1. Go to PC Junction. Great burgers, and if you're lucky enough to be seated at the bar, your meal and drinks come to you on flatcars pulled by a G scale steam locomotive. Really cool. Here's their site:

          Added bonus, they're across the street from Stone's Throw winery. Grab a burger. Grab some wine samples.

          PC Junction
          Door Country, WI, Door Country, WI

          1. My family is from Door County and I have spent many of my summers and weekends there. As far as Egg Harbor goes, Trio is probably the best for dinner and the Village Cafe has great breakfasts (I would recommend the stuffed french toast). A great place to get drinks and decent food, with the best atmosphere in DC is Fred and Fuzzy's located at Little Sister Resort (It is outdoors and on the water, which is surprisingly hard to find in DC). Farther up the peninsula in Gills Rock is the Shoreline that has very good food and is on the water. All of these places are fairly casual except Trio which is a little fancier but not super fine dining. I would also second all the other mentions on the board except PC Junction (sorry but its so cheesy and not very good imo). Bailey's Harbor is probably 20 minutes from Egg Harbor.

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              Are there any really casual places serving good food that have outdoor tables? We will be in Door County in early August but with our two Irish Wolfhounds in tow. We hate to leave them in the truck, and much prefer to find places to eat where they can sit next to the table. They are completely gentle, and real "people magnets," as any IW owner knows, so they don't create any problems and that has never been an issue.

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                I would recommend Fred and Fuzzy's, just south of Sister Bay, as it is mostly outdoor seating, Gibraltar Grill in Fish Creek, and the Northern Grill in Sister Bay. I'm not sure on their specific pet policies, so I recommend calling beforehand.

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                  Thanks for the tips.We'll' try those.