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Jul 14, 2009 03:36 PM

Porto's Burbank vs. Glendale

How does the Porto's Bakery location in Burbank differ from the location in Glendale? And, which do you prefer? Thanks!

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  1. Burbank is nominally -- but only nominally -- easier to park at and has more seating. They don't differ very much because the pastries are made in Irwindale and baked in each location.

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    1. re: Das Ubergeek

      Regarding parking in Glendale, I always park in the covered public parking lot on Orange street. Porto's validates, and I don't have to sweat their crazy parking lot, and can touch my steering wheel after I'm done!

    2. FREE PARKING in Burbank and seems to be more seating in Burbank.

      1. I always go to the Burbank location. The lines are more manageable and they seem to move faster. The last time I was in Glendale, I felt like I needed a GPS to navigate those danged lines! As far as service goes, I have yet to encounter a crabby Porto's server in both locations -- which speaks volumes about the owners and the way they handle the business.

        My memory fails me but I seem to recall that special orders are only available in the Glendale location. This means if you're getting any of their dessert or sandwich platters, you will have to call and pick up from there. Not sure about the cakes, though. Please call ahead and ask. And don't forget to pick up a dozen cheese rolls :)

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          I've done special order through Burbank without a problem. In fact, they seem to handle a large volume of them.

        2. I always prefer the Burbank location especially if I want to sit outside. I also enjoy the open layout of the Burbank location. I haven't noticed a difference in quality of food.

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            I just went to Glendale for the first time. I like Burbank much better. My trip over was very fast as I had an appointment in the valley but it seems that Glendale didn't have as much to offer. They seemed to be lacking alot of pastries. and they didn't have my small walnut raisin rolls (baguettes?). I was told that only Burbank location had them. I had no problem parking-there were a few spots right in front. Given a choice I would still take Burbank. When Downey opens up we can then all voice our opinions on our preferences.