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Jul 14, 2009 03:24 PM

Private room for 20, Midtown West?

Planning a business dinner for ~20 people. Ideally within walking distance of our meeting at 57th St between 6thand 7th Ave. Want a private room. And of course very good food. Given the crowd, need to please a wide range, prefer simple excellence to overly fussy food. Also prefer casual elegance to a more ornate setting. Price not all that important, expecting to spend $150-200 per person all in, need not be opulent though. Looked at Molyvos, which would be just the right vibe/food/setting except it is not really a private room, just a private area and can get quite loud. Any ideas very much apprecaited!

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    1. Here are some ideas: What about Osteria del Circo, Remi, Trattoria Del Arte,Red Eye Grill, Quality Meats or Bar AMericain...they are all right around there.