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Jul 14, 2009 03:21 PM

Italian bakery?

My best friend is getting married in Tuscany and this Sunday we are throwing her an authentic Italian shower (or as authentic as one can get in Calabasas). I'm in charge of dessert and am in search of the best Italian (or otherwise delicious) bakery, Italian deli, or restaurant from Westlake Village to Studio City. Any recs on where to go and/or what to get would be much appreciated.....

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  1. You might try Tuscany (no pun intended) in Westlake. I've never had their desserts but their food is excellent.

    1. Might want to go to Eagle Rock Italian bakery or order some stuff, Sicilian Cassata Cake, Cannoli, Scfeiggatel (sp). Or go to San Gabriel to Claros market and order some stuff. I know these are not in your area but they are good.

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        Get some of these Sfogliatelle & some Zeppole

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          Big second to Eagle Rock Italian Bakery. They specialize in cookies and desserts. Their cream puffs are amazing! In fact every dessert thing I have had there is pretty incredible. When you are there pick up some great homemade pesto and pizza dough for yourself.

        2. Nicolosi's in Encino. They used to have amazing cannoli, though I think they got it from the Italian bakery , mentioned by Burger Boy, in Eagle Rock.

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            Nicolosi's is gone. Go to Eagle Rock Italian Bakery instead.

          2. Bay Cities probably won't be too much trouble to get to, if your'e in Calabasas. Or if you want to take the 101 all the way, Monte Carlo on Magnolia in Burbank, and has really good cannolis.

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              Agree that the cannoli made in-house are tasty at Monte Carlo Deli in Burbank, though much of the other baked goods are brought in from -- you got it -- Eagle Rock Italian Bakery. If that place ever closes the Italian markets in LA will be in a real pickl-- ah, I mean, giardiniera. :)

            2. Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this.
              Looks like I'm heading to Eagle Rock!

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                If you are at the Bakery grab an sub for lunch. The bread and sandwiches there are great as well