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Jul 14, 2009 03:20 PM

Bridal Shower location ideas in Baltimore?

I'm looking to host my sister's bridal shower for 20-30 people next April. I'm looking for something affordable (need to stay around 10-20/person), but something casually elegant . could just be appetizers or cocktails . I dont live in the area, so I'd love suggestions!

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  1. Can you narrow it down any further than in Baltimore? Do you mean Baltimore City proper, or anywhere in the surrounding area? Do you want something that's traditional bridal shower fare (like little sandwiches or a tea) or something more avant-garde? Does your sister have any favorite (or least favorite) foods? Is accessibility a factor? (Often bridal showers have some older grandparents or aunties in the mix.)

    1. I'm looking for a place that follows the specs above so I'd love to hear some ideas. City or nearby county is acceptable. Easy basic food OR a venue that would allow outside food and bev in. BYOs are also acceptable. Can anyone help?
      Trying to give our girl a special day without going broke as there's still the bachelorette party to consider! Thanks!

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        How about brunch?

        Brunch tends to be cheaper than other meals and people (usually) drink less. We held a bridal shower brunch for our mother at Clyde's in Columbia. Clyde's is a small chain and the Columbia location is right on the lake. It actually turned out really nicely and it was super afforadable. Our guests ordered from a limited menu, so everyone got what she wanted (plus buffet eggs are gross).

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          Check out Teavolve in Harbor East. Trendy but low-key cafe near Pazo...prices are very reasonable. They specialize in tea and girly cocktails and small bites. Not byob, but a perfect girls' day out. AND they have plenty of room for a private party.

          1705 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21231

        2. I threw a bridal shower at Red Canoe in Lauraville last summer. It was in their wildflower garden in the back of the restaurant. The food and service was great! And it didn't break the bank!

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            Thank you everyone! How did you work out the financial side? Up front with the restaurant? Did you have to pay a fee for big party and special menu options? Or was it just settling up a check at the end of the event?

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              At clyde's we had to put $200 down, but that went toward the bill. I do recall that it was a 25 person minimum in order to get the space for free.

              Also, Geckos on Fleet Street has a really cheap option. We had my husband's 30th birthday party there years ago. It was $10 for a buffet of apps and then we ran a tab for drinks. I remember that the tab went for hours and was only maybe $200. They have a private room on the top floor. Parking can be tricky. But if you didn't have it at peak hour, you would be fine.

              Geckos also has a brunch for $14.95 (I think) and it includes mimosas and some other drinks. I'd be willing to bet that they'd set that up as a party event, too.

              Good luck!

          2. We decided to host the shower at V-No in Fells point. It's coming up in July so I will report back with the outcome! So far, Kristina has been so wonderful to work with, so we're really looking forward to a great time.

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              For future reference, Tark's in Lutherville is lovely. My daughter had her bridal shower there. In fact, I see showers (bridal and baby) whenever we go. You can also sit outside there.

            2. To follow up on our bridal shower, V-No was the PERFECT place for what we were looking for. Kristina, with help from Jenna on the day of, made the shower just wonderful and worked with us all along the way within our budget. Kristina went above and beyond as we set up our food that we were able to bring in from an outside caterer and as we decorated the shop. We ended up serving a house sangria, mimosas, and grass skirts to the guests and all of them were a hit!

              The location on the water, the amazing selection of wines, the coziness of the shop and the welcoming and warm demeanor of Kristina and Jenna made the setting ideal for our bride and memorable for our guests.

              Baltimore, MD, Baltimore, MD