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Jul 14, 2009 03:14 PM


Anyone have any info on this special. Would make a great birthday suprise.

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    1. re: 9lives

      I recommend staying with 2lbs. lobsters or less. If you don't have to have the formal atmosphere of the Palm, Basil Cafe in Stoughton have NINE lobsters cooked any way and any combination you want for $74.85. That's is a greater and tastier BDay surprise than the $89.95 4lbs lobster at the Palm.

      1. re: joebloe

        Big lobsters are NOT at all inherently inferior to sub 2# bugs. That said, 9 for $75 ain't bad.

        1. re: StriperGuy

          Big lobsters are NOT at all inherently inferior to sub 2# bugs

          I never met a five pounder I didn't like.....

            1. re: StriperGuy

              Had to add this. . . . Cod End in Tenants Harbor, Me is right on the dock and has fish literally off the boat. They keep the lobster stock in an old claw-foot bathtub on the dock. I picked up a lobster and showed it to my 3yo granddaughter - she stepped back, wide eyed, in awe and exclaimed "Big Bug!"
              PS Got a 5 pounder from a local shop up there and it was spectacular!

            2. re: fourunder

              i am waaaaaay too lazy to crack 9 lobsters, lol.

          1. re: joebloe

            Ditto what everyone else says about large lobsters. I catch my own and have yet to throw back a 2+ lb'er.:)

            When I say" looks like a good deal," I mean for eating at the Palm which is what the OP asked for. They also broil their lobsters; which give it a different texture than boiling or steaming..and is not as easy to do at least for me.

            There are plenty of less expensive places to get lobster than the Palm; but it didn't sound like the OP had a trip to Stoughton in mind for the occassion.

            1. re: 9lives

              I totally agree, for the Palm that is an excellent deal.

          2. re: 9lives

            One 4 pound lobster probably costs the Palm about $25. 2 salads and 1side maybe another $4. That's $60.95 gross profit for a deuce. I'd say it's not as much of a sacrifice as it sounds.

            1. re: almansa

              Who said anything about the Palm making a sacrifice?

              Another way to look at it is how much would the meal cost at the Palm at "list price?"..this is probably a 20-25% discount from that.

              1. re: almansa

                Of course a 4 pound lobster will easily feed 4 people if you have appys too.

                1. re: StriperGuy

                  I guess so. But only if your appy is a one-and-a-half pounder.

                  1. re: JoanN

                    Point very well taken. I owed a trouble maker friend a big favor once and took him to Atlantic Fish co. for twin lobsters. He had twin two pounders. Which is honesly way to much lobster for me, but he managed just fine.

                    1. re: StriperGuy

                      too much lobster. No matter how many times I say those words, and no matter what order I place them in, that phrase still makes absolutely no sense to me.

                      1. re: sablemerle

                        That said, I was at Joe's Stone Crab house in Miami once at at business dinner with a table for 12. Everyone was automatically ordered a Jumbo claw plate and basically ate one or two of the 8 they were given.

                        Darned if me and one other buddy didn't do our darndest to eat the remaining 60 claws...

                        I know it sounds crazy, but I'd rather gorge on crab then lobster. For me lobster is sometimes almost too rich.

                        1. re: StriperGuy

                          I would be very happy if I could feast on fresh Stone Crab claws.

                          With all the $4.99/$5.99 p/lb for lobster at Market Basket the past few months, I'm all lobstered out for a while. This weekend it's $4.99 p/lb. again and I asked my kid if she wanted me to bring any home tonight and she gave me a big NO....even she's tired of eating it.

                2. re: almansa

                  How about adding in the cost of the staff to cook, energy cost to cook, wait staff to deliver the food and fill your h2o glass, tables and chairs to sit yada..yada..yada. Your view of their profit margin is greatly consumed.

                  1. re: treb

                    And when you look at it for what it is, a Lobster for 2 deal, the profit keeps getting smaller. I was there recently and saw it at the table next to mine, and for a Birthday suprise for two people who enjoy lobster, I think it's a great deal at a very nice restaurant.

                    1. re: Infomaniac

                      Seriously though, a four pound lobster has about as much accessible meat as 6 chicken lobsters. It really could feed 4 if you are not going for the serious glutton approach.

              2. It was quite a few years ago now, but for a special birthday a friend took me to the Palm for a four-pounder. It was, as 9lives says, broiled. And it was excellent; sweet and juicy throughout and not the least overcooked. I still laugh when I remember trying to crack the claws. Short of a hammer and a workbench, no way I was going to be able to do that. Had to send the lobster back to the kitchen to have them do it for me. I think it would make a great birthday surprise indeed. It sure did for me.

                1. I believe the "big lobsters are bad" thing is a myth: it's just about cooking them properly. I think you would want to honor an old man of the sea like that by at least staring him down for a minute before he goes into the pot. Those things are monstrous, nightmarish up close.


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                  1. re: MC Slim JB

                    It is in fact a myth much discussed on the Boston board. The only rare circumstance under which a big bug might not be so good is if it had been in a tank in a shop for a long time and gotten flabby. Other then that, big bugs are actually far preferable as the accessible meat to shell ratio improves dramatically the bigger the bug.

                    1. re: StriperGuy

                      2nd that, I used to dive for bugs, the bigger the better.

                    2. re: MC Slim JB

                      My brother is a big fan of the large lobsters (> 3 lbs). I've had them when he's cooked them for me and they are tender and delicious.

                      He claims the secret to cooking the large ones is to be sure that the meat cooks through before the outside gets tough. To do this, you poach them. Fill the pot and bring to a boil, put the lobster in and bring back to a boil, then shut off the heat, cover the pot, and let them sit for 20 minutes or so (depending on size)

                    3. I've had a few of the big bad bugs at various Palm's, Palm Too, Rosewood Grill, and others. Good fun. From what I understand, they are often from Nova Scotia and the hard shell season lasts a little longer into the summer?

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                      1. re: Veggo

                        Thanks for all the help. Anymore info on the BASIL CAFE in Stoughton would be of great.

                      2. The Palm does this every summer... I've had it a number of times and highly recommend it. Their lobsters are always great.

                        I always like to have some beef when I go to the Palm so I can enjoy some red vino... so I often use this promo this way... Start with the salad course... then split the lobster as the next course (can upgrade to 5 or 6 lbs depending on how much lobster you want/number of people you're with, etc.). Then share some steaks. Sort of like a Palm "tasting menu".

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                        1. re: WineAG

                          I've done the same.. Great way to go!