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Jul 14, 2009 03:13 PM

new place Lolitas near tarry lodge

I walked in this new place near tarry lodge, new BSF in Byram/Portchester. its menu is mexican based, the place itself is very cool, black, red, accents, wooden floors & tables,crystal, tequilla bars, segregated mini dining rooms etc- i think some people from Tao are involved- anyone eaten there yet, this stretch of real estate is blooming

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  1. Hmmm...interesting. where exactly is it? Where That Little Italian used to be? Is it open?

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      1. re: MRS

        apps 9-15, tacos 13-14, quesdaillas 9-12, entree chicken 16-18, fish 24-25, carne 18-29

        1. re: intrepid

          A taco $13-14 are you getting kobe and lobster on them? Sounds expensive??

          1. re: nbermas

            ill rsvp when we eat there, yes menu seems a little $$$, many things on planet earth are $$, but overpaying relatively small amounts on a meal im ok with with if the food and experience are gratifying, i am not one to criticize a place if all goes well and it cost more money than "i think " it should, these kind of "mistakes" many chowhounders cannot get over, ie paying $120 for a meal that they think should have cost $100, life is short, play hard !! enjoy

              1. re: Jon1856

                glad you agree jon1856, now we must take cover,perhaps the ch swat team will be after us lololool

              2. re: intrepid

                I agree with payinfg for excellent food but a taco just is the same to me as a street food item not an entree priced item. After all right around the corner you can probably find 20 different excellent authentic tacos for so much less. I haven't seen too many reviews on what is in these tacos and the quality so maybe if I see more reviews I would consider it.

                1. re: nbermas

                  why don't we wait to pass judgement after we have actually eaten there, if a taco is the same as a taco anywhere, then you could say that about any food, hamburger, pizza, fish steak etc

                  1. re: intrepid

                    Agree intrepid. Reviews will not, IMVHO, allow someone else to pass judgement on food product.. There are somethings one just must see and taste for themselves.

                    1. re: intrepid

                      I am not passing judgement at all but I want to hear more reviews and in this day and age with the economy this time i will say less is more.

                      1. re: nbermas

                        hi agree, we need to eat there and post reviews , dont agree less is more, having said that, i am for value-


                2. re: nbermas

                  The price for tacos is for 3 tacos with sides. Not that expensive if they are good.
                  I am going this weekend and will report back.

                  1. re: westchesterdiner

                    there you go, yet another example of why is intelligent to have first hand experience before passing judgement

                    1. re: westchesterdiner

                      I went to Lolita last night. Here is my assessment.
                      First, a disclaimer: I was born into the restaurant business. My family owned restaurants, and I spent 20 years as a hostess, waitress, bartender and restaurant manager. I have worked in every kind of place including casual dining, beach bar, fine dining NYC, prestigious wine bar, and neighborhood joint. I only say this because my background can sometimes skew my review of a place. Sometimes I overlook things that others would find infuriating. On the otherhand, I can sometimes be hypercritical when others might not even notice.
                      OK, on to my experience at Lolita....
                      The dining room was smaller than I had imagined, and I am not sure that the decor is appealing. However, I give them a big A+ on the fact that the tables are well spaced and I in no way felt like I was eating on top of my neighbor. I aslo noticed that at every table it was 2 people at 4 tops and 4 people at 6 tops. This is a much appreciated accommodation. They also offer several tables outside on a cute patio.
                      I found our waitress to be friendly, effecient and accomodating. I asked in the beginning that we not be rushed. We wanted to enjoy our dinner out. I told her I understand that they may get busy, but to let us know if they DESPERATLEY needed the table at the end of our meal. She accomodated us, and we never felt rushed by her. I cannot say the same thing for the busboy - more on this later.
                      When first seated, a small bowl of citus granita was offerd on dry ice. You can opt for a shot of tequila poured into the granita if you like. The dry ice offers an immediate WOW factor, but in my opinion, the granita served no purpose at this point in our meal and would have been much better appreciated had it been served in between courses as a palate cleanser.
                      We ordered our drinks. I had a margarita and my husband ordered a glass of white wine. It did take quite a long time to get the drinks. My margarita was good but a little weak on the tequila. My husbands glass of wine, while delicious, was maybe the smallest pour I have ever seen. Now, I understand that a typical pour for an upscale restaurant these days is 5-6 ounces. I have no problem with this. His first glass was AT BEST 4 ounces - probably 31/2. It just looked sad swimming around in the bottom of the glass. He did follow up with a second glass which looked more like a 5 ounce pour, so we chalked up the first glass to a simple bartender mistake. Maybe he was pouring off the end of a bottle and didn't want to open another? Who knows? It didn't ruin our meal. Just be warned that if you are one of those diners who gets really upset with small pours of wine.....don't order wine here - you'll be upset. No sense ruining your mood for the rest of your meal.
                      Next, we were brought a large bucket of fresh chips accompanied with 3 salsas: roasted tomoato, tomatillo, and a chipotle crema. All were very good.
                      First to arrive was the lobster enchilda. It was delicious! The highlight of the entire meal! This is a must try. Just be warned that it is small. It is only one small enchilda, but we both felt that the amount of lobster inside and the deliciousness of it made up for its lack of stature.
                      Next, carnitas tacos. They were served as shredded pork with a bit of crispy outside. I would have enjoyed much more "crispy." They were toped with salsa verde and picked onions. There were 3 tacos served with a side of radishes and lime. Were they good? Yes. Were they exceptional? No. There was something missing from them. I couldn't put my finger on what it was, but I think it could have used some salt. Now I don't cook with a lot of salt. When my family comes to visit, they always add salt to the food I have cooked. When I say something needs salt - It really needs salt - in my very honest opinion.
                      Aside from the lack of "something", the main problem was that they were served on single tortillas. We all know that tacos should be served on 2 tortillas and even their menu states that this is how they come. We thought we would give it a go so as not to complain, but when I picked up the first one, it completely fell apart. We called the waitress over and asked if there should be double tortillas. Of course, there should have been. She brought us extra tortillas and we fixed them ourselves. Now, THIS I have a problem with. When the kitchen makes a mistake, albeit an honest beginner's mistake, the customer should not have to fix the problem at the table. The plate should have been removed, brought back into the kitchen, and replated correctly. The second tortilla made a huge difference, but neither my husband or myself were wowed by them.
                      When the apps arrived, the busboy came over and removed our chips and salsa. I also don't have a problem with this. Maybe it's policy. I do think we should have been asked if we would like to keep them. We were not givin a choice, and when our entrees arrived, I had to ask for the return of the salsas. I wanted them for my carne asada.
                      Entrees arrived.... I had the carne asada while my husband opted for the scallops. The scallops came beautifully presented. 3 large scallops with a tripcal fruit salsa and plantain chips. However, we both felt it was unoriginal and uninspired. We would not order this again. My carne asada on the otherhand was very good. I asked for medium - it came medium. That in itself is a rarity these days. It was nicely marinated and sliced, served on a delicious tomato sauce,and it was served with a side of guac, grilled onions and grilled fresh jalapeno slices. It also came with a side of tortillas. My only complaint with this dish was the guac. Once again, I felt that it was in desperate need of some salt. The texture was perfect, and when placed with the steak, onions and peppers in a tortilla it was very good. When sampled alone, it lacked any sort of flavor.
                      Immediately after placing our forks on our plates, the manager came over and wisked our plates away. Again, I have no problem with this. They needed the table. What I do have a problem with is the fact that the busboy came over and took everything including our water glasses. I failed to mention that our water glasses were also removed once before in the meal and we had to ask for them to be replaced. In my 20 years working in restaurants and more than 30 years eating in reataurants, I have never seen a place that removes your water glasses before you leave the table. This is a serious misjudgement by someone be it the busboy or management. Leave me my water! Maybe it is a ploy to get you to order coffee or an after diner drink. Maybe it's their way of saying "get the hell out of here, we need this table." Whatever the reason, not a good move.
                      We were presented with coffee and dessert menus. At this time they bring over a trio of coffee fixings should you choose to order one. If I remember correctly there was Mexican cinnamon with chocolate inside, raw sugar cubes, and Mexican chocolate shaving. We were full and opted for no dessert or coffee. (I would have loved another gulp of water though.)
                      Our neighbors did order dessert, and they were presented beautifully. I cannot speak to the deliciousness of them or lack thereof.
                      At the end of your meal, when the check is presented, they bring a huge cone of cotton candy to the table. Whimsical? Yes. Appreciated? Yes. Eaten? No.
                      OK, on the huge debate that is going to be whether this place is worth it or not...
                      Margarita - $13 Wine - $13/glass. Worth it? This is hard. Do I like spending that much for a drink especially when the pour of the first glass of wine was so small? Absolutely not, but I like to have a drink with my dinner so what am I going to do? I order a drink and don't complain about it.
                      Tacos - 3 for $13. Worth it? I don't think so. Maybe when combined with the rest of the meal, but am I going to go to the bar on a weekday night and just order tacos? No. You are better served to go to one of the taquerias around the corner. There are however 3 other selections of taco filling which may prove to be well worth the price.
                      Lobster enchilda - $15. Worth it? Absoluetly! It is a very small portion for $15, but the abundance of lobster, the incredible sauce on top, and the overall deliciousness of this perfect app make it well worth it in my opinion. I will order this everytime I go here. I WOULD go to the bar to order this.
                      Scallops - $24. Worth it? No. It's not that it was bad. It was OK, but like I said earlier, it was nothing I haven't had before for 2/3 of the price. I would never order this again.
                      Carne Asada - $21. Worth it? Yes. It was delicious. If only they added a touch of salt to the guac it would have been perfect. I would definitaly order this again.

                      So, all in all, 1 margarita, 2 glasses of wine, 1 app, 3 tacos, 2 entrees = $122.
                      I think all things considered it is a fair price for Westchester. Do they have some kinks to work out? Absolutely. Hopefully, they can work them out. I feel this place has potential, and upscale Mexican is an untapped well in the area.
                      Take this review with a grain of salt (and give it to the tacos and guac).
                      Go and experience for yourself and let me know what you think.

                      1. re: westchesterdiner

                        Thanks for the detailed review. At $122 for the meal you described, however, I won't be experiencing it for myself!

                        1. re: westchesterdiner

                          i was there last night as well, a disclaimer is "friends" of mine I just found out are investors in lolita...1- drinks a bar were weak, female bartender a bit surly, 2- dj music was horrible 3-we sat at table and after the frozen ices, waited 45 mins for apps to arrive 3- despite an over abundance of wait staff, service and qulaity of service was horrble 4- main course came after we went to the kitchen to ask status- mains were mediocre- even the tequilla shots we ordered druing the course of the night, we asked that they be very very chilled- came warm, and had to be sent back at least three times- now having said that, I think my orginal post underestimated the place, they dont have wrinkles to iron out, they have major surgery to perform, i feel this place has very little potential, but will give them another shot in the fall

                          1. re: intrepid

                            WOW! Sorry you had such a horrible experience. Maybe an hour makes all the difference. We went early - around 6:30ish. While our experience wasn't the tragedy that yours was, I also see they have kinks to work on. I will also give them another shot.
                            Any food specifics you care to share?

                            1. re: westchesterdiner

                              we sat down at 945 ish- we were 8, all kinds of foods all of us were underwhelmed, fish tacos, quesidallas, ahi, chicken, corn, beans, all were mediocre

                          2. re: westchesterdiner

                            Had dinner there last Sat night. Absolutely correct that drinks are very light on alcohol. Food was good not great. If you like BLARING Loud music while you try to have a conversation., this is not the place for you. Big bar scene, lots of 20 somethings. Might try it on a Tues/Wed night., but won't run back.

                            1. re: Doreen

                              place has all the makings of its 15 minutes of fame,

                  2. This rang a bell in the back of my head.
                    Is this the same place as in this prior thread??:

                    1. I am little annoyed...I called to make a res for Saturday night for 5 people. They only take reservations for parties of 6 or more. C'mon! You're a new restaurant! It wasn't like I was asking for a res for 2 people...So, I told them I didnt feel like chancing 5 people standing around for god knows how long, but maybe we'd try it some other time. The woman on the phone was like, ok, good idea. come early if you come b/c we get really busy around 8:30.
                      Um, thanks.

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                      1. re: MRS

                        question, why didnt you make the rservation for six people?

                        1. re: intrepid

                          I feel a little stupid now, I guess. But I first asked to make a res, and then she said "certainly, for how many people?" And I said " 5" and that's when she told me the policy. I was sort of stuck at that point. And, I didnt feel like calling back, making a res for 6 and then showing up w/ 5 and having them give me, the husband, SIL, BIL and SIL's cousin a hard time about getting a table. It isnt worth the aggravation.

                          1. re: MRS

                            Let's forget the petty calamities here. After a 140 to 160 series of posts on the Sunset Grill, a dead Mexican restaurant that had trouble delivering and one that was supposed to reopen, I think there are a number of Chowhounders that are desperate for a decent Mexican restaurant in Westchester. Is there hope here? By the way, I have seen no recent posts of the Sunset Grill. Did it die again after its move to the Golf Club?

                            1. re: Sonnyno

                              Both the Little Mexican Restaurant and La Herradura in New Rochelle are excellent. And that's just for starters. One thing S. Westchester is not short of is very good Mexican restaurants -- they are usually not the big, fancy places, but the smaller ones.

                      2. this place has a long way to go, food is fair, service horrible, music/dj horrible ill give them another shot, in a few months to see if the iron out the wrinkles

                        1. Went to dinner there tonight. When we walked in thought the place was cool and we were going to enjoy it. The food is not good - dare i say bad. The water was luke warm.
                          Chicken asado was so spicy - uneatable..
                          Wont be going back