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Jul 14, 2009 02:35 PM

SEA - where to buy amarena or brandied cherries?

I know it's cherry season and fresh ones rule, but the fresh ones are inspiring me to try to make cherry cordials aka the chocolate covered cherries with the sugary goo that oozes out when you bite in, and I need some sort of preserved cherry for that. Maraschino would work, but those tend to be gross so I'd rather not.

So, anyone know for sure where to find amarena cherries or good brandied cherries? PFI? DeLaurenti?

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  1. I just saw some amarena at Met Market on top of QA yesterday. let me know when your cordials are ready, and I will come get some!

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      1. Thanks to both of you! QA is convenient, just need to get a few other supplies and I think I will try this tomorrow.

        1. Whether or not you find cherries, you owe yourself an introduction to Big John's PFI.
          You'll go nuts. South of Uwajimaya one block, as the crow flies...

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            Thanks, I do know about PFI - was there briefly a few weeks ago buying chocolate - hence the original question of whether that might be a good place to look. Just trying to save a little driving and time if someone knew of a sure thing instead of running all over town. Although I may just soak some dried sour cherries I have in kirsch and try that. But PFI did have some cans of pistachio paste that might also be good combined with chocolate, might have to make a trip back anyway! I have 3 brothers, and they all like for me to keep them stocked with sweets, and I get to try new recipes & techniques, so everybody wins.

              1. re: trinaant

                Pacific Food Importers, aka Big John's PFI. On 6th ave S just S of Dearborn. European and middle eastern imported foods as well as bulk foods and a vast cheese counter. Lately I've found they have the best local price on Lyle's golden syrup.

            1. Follow-up: Cocktailhour, I looked at Met Market and didn't see any, what section did you see them in? I didn't search the whole store, just looked in the fruit and baking sections, they had regular maraschino and equally scary red whisky soaked 'tipsy cherries' but that was all I saw.

              I ended up convincing myself that I needed more chocolate and went to PFI, who had morello cherries in light syrup but no amarena/brandied. They did however have jars of spanish praline paste, 50/50 hazelnuts or almonds and sugar which is riduculously delicious and will go into some hazelnut gelato.

              I didn't feel like dealing with parking near the Market so I skipped Delaurenti and just used some dried cherries soaked in kirsch.

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              1. re: babette feasts

                you can also get amarena cherries on if you don't want to drive

                1. re: barleywino

         there anything they can't do? Besides get me to plan ahead?

                2. re: babette feasts

                  I haven't looked for Amarena at the top of the hill Met Market - although I bet they'd be back near the cheese section. At the bottom of the hill Met Market they are on top of the south side of the cheese counter.

                  Met Market is really good about helping you find stuff - just ask and they'll dig out for you. :)

                  1. re: babette feasts

                    That's too bad that PFI didn't have amarena cherries. I've bought them there in the past and was about to head back down because I'm almost out.

                    1. re: Lauren

                      I've always had the impression their stock changes form moment to moment. Maybe they always have chocolate and tomato paste but the other stuff is hit and miss.

                    2. re: babette feasts

                      sorry, I should have said. at the MM on top of QA they were in the cheese/olives section. they have all those olives in tubs now, and they were there. and I agree that they are very helpful there. I hope you didn't have a wasted trip.

                      1. re: cocktailhour

                        I know I could have asked, I suppose I had already convinced myself that they would be too expensive there.

                        I started a batch of brandied cherries at home, so if my initial experiment with the cordials work, I'll be able to make more later.