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Fuloon: Describe Wok Baked Beef

I am heading there tonight for the first time. The one thing I cannot seem to find is a description of what exactly composes this dish other than beef + cilantro.

So whats the hype all about exactly?

I already called ahead for a Peking Duck mmmmmmmmm.

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  1. Beef, Cilantro, and a brown sauce is all I recall. It comes in a sizzling skillet not a wok.

      1. I think the wok baked chicken is better. The chicken is juicy, slippery, salty.

        1. The beef is soft and tender, and comes with a salty brown sauce and cilantro-- that's pretty much all there is to the dish. Since it is served in the hot skillet, the beef at the very bottom caramelizes a bit by the end of the meal. I'm usually all about pork but think the beef is better.

          1. The only time I had it, I thought it was pretty overrated. Extremely tenderized beef, brown sauce, and some cilantro. It wasn't served sizzling, but it did come in a big frying pan. Maybe they forgot to let it heat up enough... I thought it was like beef & broccoli without the broccoli.

            1. I think it's less about the ingredients in the dish than the cooking method. The tender and succulent texture comes from the beef, and the flavors come from the sauce and cilantro.

              The beef is first seared in the wok and then the entire wok is baked, leaving the beef with an extremely tender (nen4) and slippery (hua2) texture that is really unique. The sauce gets a bit caramelized, and since it's served in the same cast-iron skillet in which it is baked, it continues to caramelize as it is being consumed. It's really an incredibly good beef dish.

              There's a nice picture of it on their website:


              along with a review of this dish by Boston Chinese World, a local Chinese language newspaper. In it, they mention that this dish is cooked in the style of kao3 rou4 ji4 ("BBQ Season") a restaurant in the Houhai area in Beijing, but adapted to make use of the quality of American beef.

              To my mind, this is a very unique dish and really superbly done here.

              From time to time, they will offer Wok Baked Lamb as well, which also turns out very nicely.

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                Not speaking or writing chinese, I've never looked around the chinese part of the website. Can anybody provide a general english translation (or summary) of the following:



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                  here is what a free on-line translator says

                  The Boston record newspaper] the Chinese executive chef opens literature gentleman, in 1988 graduated by the outstanding result from the historical glorious Beijing Traveling Service School cooking specialty.Because its result is prominent, is hired by Beijing New Foreign national Hotel for the chef.In new foreign national hotel work period, the Shandong cuisine representative personage, national special level chef Wang Jingbin, receives it for to close the disciple, Mr. Zhang is diligent diligently, studies assiduously, middle the short two years, attends the Beijing each kind of cooking big game successively, has obtained the amazing result. In 1990, in responded to a call for recruits multitudinously in the chef, by absolute superiority blooming, is hired by Beijing Palace Hotel for the chef gang foreman.In two year assignment period, Mr. Zhang unceasingly exchanges the experience with the colleagues, compares notes the kitchen skill, enable its cooking technique to obtain the multitudinous experts and restaurant patron's strong approval. In 1991, Mr. Zhang obtained the senior chef certificate, and simultaneously rose up in the national capital reputation. In 1992 is hired by the Beijing Gold Bright Hotel high salary for the chef to be in charge of.Here, not only Mr. Zhang has the excellent cooking technique, moreover concurrently has also had the rich experience in the hotel kitchen management service aspect. In 1994 Mr. Zhang by Beijing Gold Century Hotel special invited was kitchen division commander.Its kitchen skill display obtained the broader development space, outstandingly is the national capital snack, like Beijing noodles with soybean paste, fragrant-flowered garlic zygote, Jingdong meat patty, legume flower and so on.More adept is the Chinese most characterful four main dishes is it ---- Sichuan, Shandong cuisine.It to the food material choice, matching, the salt mixes and the duration and degree of cooking control all makes every effort precisely, just right, steams generating the cooked food even color, fragrant, the taste is complete, causes the human entrance to be unforgettable, has not given full expression! For example the Sichuan cuisine classical cuisine mapo bean curd, the water boils the beef, the hot pepper diced chicken, in Shandong cuisine fierce appearance Yuan Ti and the state banquet must choose the vegetable sauce to explode the duck piece and so on.Mr. Zhang passes through many years unceasingly diligently, obtained the executive chef certificate in 1996.After goes to America, Mr. Zhang at maintains the Chinese cooked food characteristic in the foundation, simultaneously unifies the American local populace's taste characteristic, develops both the Chinese flavor attentively and in nutrition matching more rationalization cooked food.For example Mr. Zhang kneads together a country vegetable which the Brazilian upper formation entertains guests at a banquet to roast the beef with the vegetable tradition technique, the creative pot roasts the beef, boils the system tenderly the beef, slides fragrant. In 2004, Mr. Zhang has set up his first in the American Boston “the auspicious luck” the wineshop, causes the general Chinese and American restaurant patrons to taste fortunately to it boils the system carefully the delicacy cooked food, after the food makes you to forget to return, Le Erwang turns over to.

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                    My favorite part is "Mr. Zhang is diligent diligently, studies assiduously, middle the short two years" That is what I've always said about him.

              2. when do they offer wok baked lamb?