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Jul 14, 2009 02:00 PM

Lunch places in Charlotte

We are going to be driving through Charlotte on I-85 around lunchtime on tomorrow (Wednesday) and are looking for suggestions of unique LOCALLY OWNED restaurants that serve lunch. We are willing to drive into the city for a good meal. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. Uptown has a lunch-only place that serves mostly organic food and its all really tasty. Blynk Organic. It's inside the building at 200 S. Tryon St. - can't really see it from outside.
    there are several parking decks within a block or two.
    Serves mostly wraps, sandwiches, salads, but they are all made well, are fresh/organic and delicious.

    1. Thats a pretty broad topic...some places that come to my mind include The Penguin, Commonhouse, Mert's, Vietnam Grill, Thai Taste, Big Daddy's, La Unica, etc, etc. Do you have any price or cuisine preferences?

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        We are looking to have a reasonably priced lunch (approximately $15 or less for an entre). As far as cuisine goes, we are pretty flexible and adventurous! We will probably avoid bbq and Mexican, but if you have a recommendation for something fabulous for either of those, we might consider it! Thanks for your recommendations!

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          Well, CLT doesn't have any bbq worth stopping for, so no worries there. Some other recommendations are located in our downtown (known locally as uptown), but parking logistics would slow you down. I'd probably recommend The Penguin. Great burgers in a funky cool atmosphere. 1921 Commonwealth Avenue.

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            Fenwick's on Providence Rd.... though may only be dinner, not sure. Big Daddys I second, or Bedder Bedder & Moore.