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Jul 14, 2009 01:18 PM

Palisade (SEA)

Now that Oceanaire is gone, I need to find another seafood restaurant for my birthday dinner.

Anyone been to Palisade recently?


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  1. This may be an odd answer, but the best restaurant fish I've eaten this year was at Salvatore, where he did a basic preparation of Halibut that was the best fish-presentation of my life. The place is also a total crack-up. The costume and comportment of the waitstaff will have you looking around for John Dillinger, but they really know their stuff and take good care of you. Ray's still shines, and Chinook's is not to sniff at, on a good day.

    1. Well, Waterfront Seafood Grill is my seafood restaurant of choice, but it's pretty pricey (i barely make it once a year or so...)

      From a lower budget perspective, I still think Anthony's on the Pier does a lot of things right. And now that that giant barge is out of the way, i think it has a nice view of Elliot Bay again.

      Went to Salty's recently and they seemed to have gone to a lighter more whimsical theme (while keeping their high prices...). Love the view, but it seems a little much to pay for the midlevel stuff they serve up.

      Totally from a value perspective, I was impressed with what Ivar's Salmon House was able to serve me for well under $15. I was hesitant to go, after going to Acres of Clams recently and finding how terrible that has become, but my out of town guests had heard of it and wanted to go. Not blow your sox off, but very reasonable and priced for an affordable meal out. Can't complain.

      1. The Waterfront Seafood Grill's Wicked Shrimp are great, however I've had problems with other dishes I've ordered there. For the $ they charge, I really expect something special, and they've always fallen short of the mark.

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          I went to Waterfront Seafood Grill once and was very disappointed. It was sooo expensive and while the fish was pretty fresh, everything was prepared so boringly. I haven't had so many dishes where it was mostly a fish cooked in butter in my life. I would definitely not go back.

        2. Prepare for jeers from the chow gallery, but you might enjoy Ivar's Salmon House. It's got great local color and they serve great squid, though I've not tried much else there.

          1. I thought they were pretty average. At about the same level as McCormick and Schmick's. Except a little more spendy.

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            1. re: HungWeiLo

              Oh, yes, definitely average, but indicative that our city has a pretty decent level of "average." We feel lucky to live in a city that pretty-often knows how to treat a fish. Yes, you'll get some dried-out or destructively sauced atrocities, but also delightful cookery surprisingly often, and you never know where it'll come from. We had the most exceptional fish presentation of our lives at Salvatore - now where'd THAT come from??
              Ivar's has a great view over Lake Union, is a good visit for the local history and culture themes, has a good happy-hour, and they are generally reliable.
              Fish cookery, in general, tends to be spotty, wherever you go. We went to Ponti Seafood Grill, generally regarded as pretty good, the other night, but a moment's inattention in the Kitchen turned out an unfortunate dish. You never know with fish...