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Jul 14, 2009 12:50 PM

Kid friendly in Seattle near Westin?

I'm looking for kid friendly, chowish restaurants in Seattle near the Westin. We will not have a car on this trip.

We have 2 kids, ages 10 and 7. The 10 year old is a chowhound in training and will eat most anything, but the 7 year old's diet consists of mostly things that are yellow and white (chicken nuggets, mac and cheese, quesadillas, french fries, milk, etc.).

The food doesn't have to center around his interests, but as long as there's something on the menu he can eat, we're good. I'd also prefer to stay away from any chain restaurants that can be found nationally.


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  1. The Pike Place market has no chains at all (Starbucks's #1 is grandfathered-in), and there is tasty and fun food every few feet. Kids will love it and you can treat them to a balanced diet without them even noticing. Get BBQ-Pork baked Hum Bao at Mee Sum, a few piroshki, a croissant, a bowl of Seared Scallop chowder, a cup of Cioppino at Jack's Fish Spot, or a thousand other good foods. El Puerco Lloron and many other cafe's are good for Kids, too.

    1. The Palace Kitchen is just down the street from the Westin. Plenty of variety on that menu...but still the pleasure of trying out local celebri-chef Tom Douglas.

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        It is a short trip to International District (Chinatown), a good walk or easy busride - lots of kid-friendly venus. Consider Tamarind Tree, Green Leaf or Shanghai Garden. You can always get plain noodles, right?

        Steelhead Diner is near the market, family friendly, fresh fish and worth eating at. Tutta Bella is a bit down Westlake has neopolitan pizza that is pretty good. Above the whole foods. For a quick bite close by, the food court in Pacific Place Mall (NOT Westlake Center) has Pike Place Chowder - also avail at Pike Place Market- that is good stuff. The picky eater will have fries as an option.

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          Thanks for all your replies. It was just what I was looking for.

          I've got a followup question on Palace Kitchen- in looking at the Tom Douglas restaurants, I also saw that the Dahlia Lounge was nearby as well. In comparing the menus, am I correct that Dahlia Lounge is more casual than Palace Kitchen? Any other differences between the two?

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            I've not been to Dahlia Lounge, but get the feeling it is more deliberately sedate and upscale than PK. I hope to be corrected if I am mistaken, but I think Palace Kitchen is the more casual.

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              I've been to both Dahlia Lounge and PK and agree that Dahlia has the more upscale vibe, and PK is noisier and more casual.

        2. Steelhead diner is very good as is the Icon Grill and it is across the street from the Westin.

          Mexico on the top of Pacific Place (while I think technically a chain) is also quite good and kid friendly.

          Of the Tom Douglas places you might be best off at Etta's. I think it is slightly more kid friendly than PK or Lola's and it is a good place to people watch.

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            I'd go definitely to ICon Grill w. kids....a jovial environment, visually delightful for any age and decent classic american standards on the menu...and very good service.