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Jul 14, 2009 12:39 PM

How's Picco's dough vs. Regina's

Another ISO post !! Haven't been to Picco... Need good spot to take someone for Pizza and thought Picco may be fun with their beer and ice cream offerings. Is their pizza good, or do they get smoked by others in that department. I'm a picky / particular pizza junkie preferring the likes of Gran Gusto, Umbertos, Reginas, Antico Forno (altough they've disapointed lately), etc.

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  1. I think Picco's pizza is vastly underrated. The crust is similiar to a Reginas well-done IMO.
    My favs around these parts are Regina, Santarpios, Brown Jug, Ernestos.

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      I love the crust at Picco. It's a bit airy and has a lot of flavor. I'd say I like it about as much as Regina's, but in either case, definitely have them leave it in an extra minute or two.

    2. We ate at Picco for the first time last week and really enjoyed it. The crust was very good. The style is a little different from Regina's, though. Picco only uses fresh mozz as far as I can tell.
      The caesar salad was very flavorful, and the waitress brought us generous tastes of two wines before we decided on a bottle. The ice cream was pretty creamy, too.

      Around 7ish, there were lots of kids and families inside.

      1. I think Picco does one of the better thin-crust pies in the city. More bubble in the crust, a better char than the typical Regina (original) pie, unless you order well-done at the latter. Doesn't travel well; you really need to eat it on the premises. Excellent ice cream, pleasantly soft texture not unlike gelatto. Good fish tacos, too.

        1. I am sure I am going to open myself up to a S***storm here, but I really believe that PICCO makes the second best pizza in the city. It blows Santarpio's out of the water, especially the crust which I think is very flavorful. It is second only to Regina. I love it and eat there more often than I eat at Regina because I live close by.

          I have been underwhelmed by the Santarpio's lately. The crust seemed overly dry and flavorless on my last visit there. The real attraction is the lamb skewers which never seem to disappoint.

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            Yeah, I can recall a time when I loved Santarpio's pizza, but it's too crumby/biscuit-y for me these days, and the sauce tastes of powdered garlic. I go for the skewers (I like the lamb and the sausage), the atmosphere, and the tap wine. I'm with you that Picco is a top thin-crust pie, along with Regina (original) and Gran Gusto.


            1. re: MC Slim JB

              It'd been several years since my last Santarpio's visit, but this weekend's trip there with Joanie did not live up to my memory either. The crust was definitely a little dry (we ordered 'well-done'), but I actually thought it was quite flavourful and nicely charred in all the right spots, but lacked the air and tenderness to balance the chew. And the center of the pie was a disastrous, sloppy, floppy mess. I did find the toppings to be quite excellent, particularly the chunky, nicely-spiced sausage, and the sauce was fresh, not too sweet and I certainly didn't detect the powdered garlic noted above. Having said that, I will definitely be back for the grilled goods and the old charm of the place, which I thought was still standing strong.

              Regina's has always been my favourite, with the disclaimer that one of my best friends is in the family, but I have to say, after a 5-year hiatus, I didn't find their pie to take me to the same place it once used to. I think my tastes have changed towards a much more minimalist pie, but I thought they just bombed it with way too heavy a hand with the toppings. The pepperoni was shingled on there, resulting in a lead-heavy, greasebomb of a pie. That style has a better place in my belly at 2am. Despite the it's not you it's me routine, I ain't breaking up with Regina anytime soon.

            2. re: ChickenBrocandZiti

              No s***storm necessary, IMO. I know one foodie who thinks that Picco is the #1 pizza in the city. I'm not sure I'd go that far, but I'd put it in my top 5 easily.

              1. re: hiddenboston

                Oh dear Gawd !!! I took out of towners here, as I figured it would be easier parking tha the NoEnd. Go a meter righ in front of Picco ...5 of us went in and ordered three different pizzas...margherita, neopolitan and alsation, plus salads. After order and enjoying wine, I panicked as I forgot to request well done. Well these came out with the most beautiful char on the crust that I've ever seen. One bite and I could not believe my palate.....I dunno if it was just that all the stars aligned, but this was the best pizza I've set my dentures to. The crust was just amazing. Perfect chew, lovely flavor and texture, and nice air bubbles...but not too many. The alsatian pizza with the creme fraiche, onions and bacon has just phenom flavor. I love the potato, blue cheese/proscuitto pizza at Artu because of the intense flavor. The alsatian at Picco had flavor and then some. Thank you hounds....I am impressed. Oh, and the ice cream with Schaffenberger fudge sauce...OMG !!!!! I'll be beating a path to Picco for a long while. I'm actually now quite curious to try some of their pastas which looked dang good. As an aside they have a great beer selection and decent wine.