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Jul 14, 2009 12:26 PM

Essex CT area. du glace, restaurant du village or River Tavern?

We are looking for a spot for a special birthday. any preferences out of those 3?

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  1. Three of my favorites and very hard to make a choice but I would probably go with du village. Du glace is great but spotty, River Tavern is always good but I think I would prefer the atmosphere and food at Du Village. Just can't beat the wine list, bread and desert. Have fun!

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    1. re: Victoria105

      thanks everyone...we found out that du village was closing, just heard the owners wanted to retire and new owner is redoing everything so i am sad I did not get to have a meal there.
      We went to du glace and had WONDERFUL FOOD...however they only had about 1/2 the wines on the list available and some of the appetizers were out as welll, we basically had to ask "what do you have?" in order to complete our was delicious, and we are big fans of their pastries in the morning.

      Been to Pip's on several occasions, and never disappointed, ran into J. Pepin there too!
      Also big fans of Routier's and Liv's.

      1. re: I love Jersey

        Patisserie du Glace is really something special, isn't it? I've yet to have anything there that wasn't just out of this world. In fact, for a few (fattening) weeks there, my car was on auto-pilot for Main St., Deep River, just to get an almond macaroon or croissant. ;)

        Please tell me you also are aware of Feast Gourmet Market across the street from du Glace. They make fab fresh pasta.

    2. I have to agree with Victoria. For a special occasion I would choose Restaurant Du Village, lots of charm and fabulous food!

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      1. re: Meesch70

        I hope I don't get this post removed, but is Du Village still open while new ownership takes over?

        1. re: aac610

          I work in Chester and happened by Du Village today. It is closed for renovations, very sad. Any idea what the previous owners are doing?

          1. re: dennisl

            Wow New owners for the du Village? Wow - that's a ha been an institution of french cooking here on the shoreline - - I know the owners were friends of J Pepin - he used to go there regularly - wonder what happened

            Next best bet is probably du Glace - but PIPS in Centerbrook is nice - but you really need reservations for them this time of year on the shoreline for a might be able to sneak a 2 seater in - but thats iffy on a weekend

            River Tavern is fine- overpriced for what they prepare - much better value at lunch time there

      2. Brasserie Pip. They have incredible food and a romantic setting.

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        1. re: MAER

          Pip is great.
          I want to like du Glace but they make it difficult.
          River Tavern is a scene but food is very good and it is fun.
          Routier always a reliable standby.
          Anyone know when du Village will reopen?

          1. re: Debriefer

            i thought i heard du village was not coming back and the owners were retiring but there maybe something opening in its place?

            Also, anyone ever been to Elizabeth's Cafe in Madison, I have heard some very good things..

            1. re: I love Jersey

              This past week, the Hartford Courant had an article about the restaurant that's opening where du Village was. It's now "Restaurant L&E and the French 75 Bar" but I know nothing of it except what I read. Here 'tis:


              And no intel on Elizabeth's, but I have heard some good things about The Wharf (also in Madison), yet never read about it here on the board...