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Jul 14, 2009 12:23 PM

Anyone every buy cutlery or other expensive equip on Ebay?

I'm a little nervous about spending a large amount of money on ebay. But I've been thinking about purchasing a Shun Classic cutlery set and the ones on ebay are about 60% of the same ones from Williams Sonoma and BB&B. They are all advertised as New in Box. Anyone familiar with this? I guess one pretty big downside would be you couldn't return them, but would Shun honor any warranty directly? Thanks for any input.

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  1. I have bought replacement pieces for both my stainless and silver on ebay. All has been good so far. Also bought pieces of my Mom's long discontinued china pattern and have never had a piece arrive broken.

    1. As long as your payment is made through can return anything by simply stating:

      " Item Not As Described "

      However, you will be responsible for the original and return shipping fees. If you return the item, you MUST send the item back with delivery notification to prove you sent the item. Once you supply PayPal with the certificate number after the item has been delivered back to the Seller, they will issue you a refund. This is true even if the Seller states the item is sold as-is, no returns or no refunds.

      As a Buyer, you are protected through PayPal and your Bank Card Company.

      1. I purchased a Wusthof knife to replace one that had gone missing. No problems at all. But do check the feedback before you bid/buy...

        1. During our kitchen remodel, and for lots of other things, we purchased an over-sized stainless sink. Almost bought a Gagganeau fridge but found one closer. A few tips: 1) Paypal is best, and also the most convenient, for purchases; 2) always review the sellers feedback; 3) know the return policy (if any); and 4) ask/get satisfactory answers to any questions before purchasing. Good luck!

          1. I've purchased a 6 piece Wusthof block set on Ebay. I would not normally buy a set but the price was ridiculously low for brand new knives. I would do it again as long as the seller had positive feedback.

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              if you're patient you can get a good knife pretty cheap. Plus, quality knives retain their usefulness and value, as collectors of fine Sabatiers will attest. A lot of knives show up from estate sales and are perfectly fine. Check out the pics if the knives are used and do your homework and price comparisons on places like Amazon to see if the knife you're looking at is a good deal. Don't forget, you'll usually pay a shipping charge when you use ebay and you almost have to have a paypal account.

              1. re: chuckl

                There is no way any retailer could have matched the price of my knives. Maybe if they were liquidating but I paid maybe 25% of retail. Shipping is generally reasonable and anyone can set up a paypal account.