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Jul 14, 2009 12:18 PM

Pork-free ramen?

A lot of ramen is based on pork broths. That's fine by me, but my wife doesn't eat pork. Can you all identify any good ramen places where the broth isn't based on pork? I'm assuming that some other meat (or non-meat) will be available for the soup. I'd be interested in locations anywhere from Downtown LA to Venice, either Little Tokyo or Sawtelle would be good.

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  1. I know the valley....Kyushu Ramen 15355 Sherman Way # M Van Nuys (818) 786-6005
    They even have vegetarian based broth. Another, Daichan 11288 Ventura Blvd # F
    Studio City (818) 980-8450‎ - All kinds of yummy Japanese!

    1. Will you settle for soba and a bowl of soup?

      If so, check out The Shojin in Little Tokyo.

      It's a Japanese vegan joint.

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        Thanks, that's in a good location, but it seems kind of hard core to me!

        1. re: redrover

          imho, the food served at shojin is terrific.
          fwiw, i'm not a vegetarian nor a vegan, yet i make the drive there from playa del rey because of their excellent food.


        Ramen California
        24231 Crenshaw Blvd., Unit C
        Torrance, CA 90505
        (310) 530-2749

        "The broth is remarkably clean, a focused chicken stock that provides a powerfully simple base."

        1. Have you heard of Ramenya? I personally like the yaki soba a lot! There's pork in that though... and the gyoza (veggie)! Its not exceptionally spectacular out of this world food, but perfect for whenever I'm craving some yummy noodles. Its on Olympic a couple blocks west of Sawtelle, maybe by Bundy. Oh and cash only there!

          1. Mr. Ramen on first street in Little Toyko has veggie broth and it's decent for what it is. Also, new place in the sushi gen center, all the way in the corner and they have veggie broth too- never been, just got a menu.