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Jul 14, 2009 12:05 PM

Sunday Dinner in Santa Fe

We will be visiting Santa Fe over Labor Day Weekend and will be in town for Saturday and Sunday night dinners. We were thinking of La Choza for Saturday night, but are finding many restaurants are closed on Sundays. We aren't looking for super deluxe (Geronimo's, Inn at the Anasazi, Compound, etc), but looking for something with a little atmosphere that is representative of the city. Thank you for any ideas.

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  1. Try Andiamo! for wonderful Italian done simply and at reasonable prices. This was a really good experience. DH had fried oysters with aioli, I had gravlax and arrugula salad. We both had rack of lamb for dinner. DH had flourless chocolate torte and I had profiteroles with fudge sauce and ice cream.

    322 Garfield St

    IL Vicino a local microbrewery, has great brews and excellent wood fire pizza, sandwiches, pasta, salads etc

    Paris Cafe on 31 Burro Alley Street, around the corner from Lensik Theatre for a bistro meal that is very good.

    I highly recommend all 3 of these restaurants and they should be open on sunday.


    1. I really recommend Il Piatto for Italian. It's a great little place and reasonably priced. Andiamo is good too, but Il Piatto has a much broader menu.