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Jul 14, 2009 12:04 PM

The Sands, Bethlehem, Hellertown Area

Was at the Sands Casino a few weeks back and had dinner at the Irish Pub at the Sands. Service was extremely slow, and the food nothing to write home about. I know Emeril's is in the Sands but may be too rich for my wallet. Any suggestions for a Sunday dinner in the vicinity. I read some reviews on the Springtown Inn that sound good.

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  1. Can you give us a sense of what kind of place you're looking for? Upscale/casual? What kind of cuisine, etc.

    1. As a former native who returns to the area periodically, I can think of a few. I don't know that you'll find "gourmet" in the immedite vicinity, but some decent local restaurants. Search the "Bethlehem" post thread for perhaps some better $$$$ and finer dining. Springtown Inn is worth a try - mid-level price.

      An local favorite of many in the area is the Crossroads Inn in Hellertown - small dining room features soup, sandwiches and pizza - there are many in the area who claim this as one of their favorite pizza's. Not very italian at all, but ingedients are fresh and prices are very reasonable (as with most items there)

      Hellertown also has a Hungarian restaurant (chicken paprikash, goulash, fried cabbage, etc.) that is worth a try as well, if you like that cuisine. See

      Farhter away toward East Allentown is Stahley's Cellarette, a bar with dining room - with Sandwiches, steamed clams, etc. Very good food, low prices. Never dissapointed.

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        lvsnyder & EastPA thanks for the responses. Really looking for anything, not upscale. My wife's aunt just moved up from Texas to Bethlehem. They both like to gamble and we will be up there today and we are looking for some diversity in the area when we visit. Springtown Inn looks like it might be good as it has not only full meals but also their Tavern menu, so we might give that a try. Any suggestions in the area are helpful as we can get her more acclimated to the area. Thanks again.