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The Sierra Grille, Northampton

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We were visiting Northampton this past weekend and literally stumbled upon this restaurant, lucky us. The place is lovely with warm dark wood and lots of sophisticated art, there was a jazz combo playing cool music and a good vibe. The menu featured appetizers, panins and small plates as well as entrees. There was a great wine list as well as a very impressive list of interesting draft beers. Our waitress was friendly and warm and very knowledgeable about both food and drink. It was late in the evening after a day of nibbling, we chose a combination of panini, appetizers and small plates and all were outstanding, there wasn't a single misstep. It was a fabulous casual dining experience that I would highly recommend to one and all, I can't wait to go back

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  1. My GF and I both love Sierra Grille. We ususally sit at the bar. We've not had a bad meal there and always love their beer selection plus the bartenders are knowledgeable and friendly.

    1. Do they still do that 'create your own ending' menu where you pick a protein, then a sauce and the sides to go with it? I think that whole thing is wicked stupid. I don't know what your sauces taste like..your the chef- you tell me what works well together. I know some people like this sorts thing but as I said, I think it is wicked stupid. I hope they don't do it anymore.