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Jul 14, 2009 11:15 AM

3 Nights Montreal, 2 Nights Quebec City

I need good food, not overly expensive for three nights in downtown Montreal and 2 in Quebec City. Never been before - enjoy all cuisines.

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  1. Having visited very recently, you must go to Au Pied du Cochon. Get a Metro pass, jump on the Orange Line to Mont Royal or Sherbrooke and walk about 10 minutes to PDC.

    It was the best meal I had on my trip. You can splurge on this meal, and eat more frugally on the rest of your trip. It will probably set you back up to $150 for two people if you go all out, but it's worth it.

    If you want to do this restaurant for under $100, get the seafood platter, one entree, two cromesquis, beer instead of wine, and skip the dessert. You will leave just as satisfied.

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    1. Don't limit yourself to downtown Montreal. This is a compact city and metro (or even taxi) is a quick way to increase the number of delicious options.

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        I don't mind traveling for food. I've gone to New Orleans and San Fran for food. Fantastic by the way.

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          I'd suggest searching the board then, there's lots of similar tourist-oriented threads asking about the places not to miss.

      2. I am a big fam of Michael Ross at Mas Cuisine in Verdun. Great food at reasonable prices in his 20 - 25 seat place. I recommend it highly.

        1. Where will you be staying in Quebec?