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Jul 14, 2009 11:08 AM

Latino groceries between Billerica and Lowell?

I need a quick rec for a market/grocery store with Hispanic stuff somewhere in the Lowell/south-of-Lowell area (I live in Billerica). I'm really not looking for anything terribly exotic, just some corn tortillas that don't suck (is that local brand, what was it called, Maria and Richard's or something, still around?) and some cotija or other Mexican cheese. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Have you tried the Billerica Market Basket to see if they carry Cinco de Mayo tortillas (from Lynn). They might also have salvadoran queso seco (which is cojita) and fresh cheese, but probably not much more. I suspect they could answer at least the first question over the phone. China Merchandise also has a few latino groceries, so might have some cheeses but I can't recall tortillas. Building 19 sometimes has tostados and herdez products, but they buy them as closeouts or short sell dates, so its not all the time.

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      After meeting a friend at Sichuan Gourmet, I dropped in here for some staples and while it probably has more types of flour tortillas than any other MB, no Cinco de Mayo or Salvadoran cheese. Surprisingly they had some less usual latino sausages (for MB). I have definitely seen them in Woburn (Burlington you might get lucky with one or the other, but its less reliable), but that is the wrong direction... Lowell is a bit more Asian oriented and I don't get there much so not certain.

    2. In case it's ever helpful to anyone else I thought I'd mention that the Market Basket in Tewksbury has a good selection of Central and South (more Central than South) American products - cheeses, groceries, etc.

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