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Oct 9, 2004 10:16 PM

el segundo viciinity restaurants

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Looking for a last minute place to eat (no fish) in the el segundo, manhattan beach area. Don't want to wait in a line or need reservations. casual is fine

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  1. the wife and I frequent Chef Hannes on Main st in ES. Way good...way cool.

    1. I second Chef Hannes. It isn't the greatest, but the ambience is nice and the dishes I did have (the sausage and white beans casserole, and the grilled porkchops) were amazing. My friends were disappointed with the spaghetti, however.

      Also try El Tarasco, Second City, Havana Sandwich Co., Rinaldi's. These are regular lunch outings for me.

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        gotta agree with your friends about the spaghetti.
        the overwhelming tarragon flavor was off-putting.
        never went back.

      2. There's Big Mikes for a pretty good Philly cheesesteak. Havana Sandwich Co for a nice selection of Cuban sandwiches, and my favorite there is Richmond Bar and Grill, particularly when I have a schooner of Firestone in front of me.

          1. I'm a fan of Farmstand in El Segundo. Stick with the more MIddle-Eastern inspired dishes - the Pomegranate Walnut Chicken Stew is out of this world, but the more basic dishes (pasta) are mediocre. The sour cherry lemonade is out of this world.