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Jul 14, 2009 10:55 AM

Pizza Providence - Newport

OK... so we're transplants from NY/NJ area, and we're looking for good pizza. We've had Bob and Timmy's (its OK), Via Via (also good, but not great), and a bunch of others (Caserta's, etc).

The questions is: can anyone throw out some recommendations for pizza that is actually good (not good by RI standards, good by any standard)? I'm looking for both traditional brick-oven style and "normal" pizza, i.e. the more common pizza oven style.

Don't be shy - let's hear it.

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  1. Being from the NY Metro myself (Hudson Valley north of NYC, with a large Italian expat population), I know pretty much the type you're looking for. In my experience, NYC pizza tends to be somewhat different from the NYC/NJ metro suburban large slice pizzas, with the suburban variety being a tad thicker crust and sweeter sauced (what I grew up with)...

    That said, there's very little like NYC metro pizza around here, sadly. Nice Slice on Thayer probably comes closest. There used to be a cafe in Rolfe Square in Cranston that had it near perfected as well, but alas, they closed about two years ago.

    A friend (also from the NY metro) told me there is a bar or cafe in East Greenwich near Main Street that has excellent NY style pizza, but I haven't been and can't remember the name. Also possibly a similar place in the Attleboro area, Mass... Can someone help me on both fronts?

    My wife (also fond of NY pizza) and I almost always default to Nice Slice now, although we've become very fond of pizza strips around here, something I never saw growing up in the NY metro. Enjoy exploring!


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      Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about - the type of pizza you would get in a local suburban pizzeria in NJ or southern NYS... I think you nailed it with the sweet sauce - that's one major component that's missing in the pizza we've tried so far...

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          I'm from NJ as well, and know exactly the kind of pizza you are talking about. Garris, you must be talking about Park Cafe, which had the closest thing to NJ pie I've had since leaving.

          That said, the following places have pizza that is not spot-on, but fairly close, to NJ style:

          Vivaldi's, in the Edgewood section of Cranston

          Pier Pizza (has a few locations in RI, we frequent the Cranston one. Every other menu item is terrible but the pizza is pretty decent.)

          Fat Belly's, Warwick.

        2. In Middletown I like Carmella's thin crust pizza....not sure it will meet the standards you're looking for though....but hey, it's always fun to try something new.

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          1. re: milemarker0

            Thanks - I'll try it. We live right across the bridge, so that'll even be convenient!

          2. Fellini in Providence is good by any standard. It's not necessarily in the style of the New York City metropolitan area, but it's very good pizza.
            Outside of that, try this thread:

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              i second carmellas,good nyc style bristol,Sams makes an amazing pie,but closer to the chicago style thin crust way,pretty great though.and for the "only in rhode island",wood st pizza makes a weiner pizza,using meat sauce,saugy dogs,mustard and onions,and a shake of celery salt,crazy!!!!

              1. re: danieljdwyer

                I agree, Fellini's is good, and we esp appreciate the wheat crust, but its more of a "niche pizza" than a go-to in our book. Good suggestion, though.

                Thanks for the thread, too!

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                  I used to be a Fellini fan, but found that they have recently (the last year or so) changed their dough. Its now much chewier - almost rubbery - and just does not have much in the way of flavor. I also decided that I just cannot stand their practice of putting the sauce on top of the cheese in stead of vice versa. It just seems wrong to me (in fact, I've encountered that a lot in the Providence area...)

                  That being said, I haven't really found a pizza in RI that I actually like. Gepetto's on Federal Hill has a great Mediterranean Pizza, but it's grilled pizza, not a nice NY slice by any means.

                2. Great question! I grew up in NJ and know exactly what you are looking for. I usually eat pizza at least 2 times every time i head back to NY/NJ area. I haven't had luck finding comparable pizza in Newport and I've tried quite a few places. I would probably second the Carmella's vote. it's good pizza, but not really what you are talking about. Let us know when you find "the one"!!

                  1. Junction Trattoria in North Kingstown has very good pizza.