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Jul 14, 2009 10:51 AM

Elevation Burger - pretty good

Just tried out the new Elevation Burger that opened in the Wynnewood Shopping Center. They're a chain with other stores in Texas and Florida, as well as a handful in NY and NJ. They emphasize grass-fed beef in their burgers, and other "green" aspects.

The burger was quite tasty, I thought: a notch or two better than 5 Guys. Juicy meat, and a good selection of toppings. Excellent fries as well.

Worth a stop if you're looking for a quick bite on the Main Line.

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  1. I found the meat very dry and and the fries were a bit mushy. The only aspects I thought were better than Five Guys were the bun and cheese. Oh, and the non-greasy floor, haha.

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    1. re: Clobberella

      I agree completely.

      I so wanted to like this place but there were many problems. We tried it late Sunday afternoon. The fries were very soggy and limp. Thin fries like that should be fantastic. Either the person doing the frying didn't know what they were doing or the oil was too old or not hot enough. The taste of the meat was very good but it was clearly a pre-made patty and I missed the hand-formed (look or real??) of those at Five Guys. The looser formed burger has a much better texture and doesn't tend to seem so dry. The bun was good and fit the size of the patty (kinda small, but like that) and the cheese actually tasted like cheese. As far as toppings go that was a huge disappointment. I asked for tomato, raw onions, and mayo. There was one slice of tomato no more than 1/4" thick, that's it. Same with the onion. Couldn't taste them at all. The mayo was also barely existent. If I try the place again I'll make sure to ask for larger servings of the toppings and crisp fries.

      Definitely a huge step down from Five Guys.

      1. re: Carole

        Oh yeah, mine had hardly any sauce either! It made the whole burger even more dry. And the toppings were sparse, I'm used to Five Guys where they really load everything on and you make a wonderful mess of yourself eating them.

        1. re: Clobberella

          So far, I've seen two blogs with photos that are very flattering with certainly far more topping than mine had.

          Maybe it all depends on who is working that day?? (Or maybe they're using a macro lens --- couldn't resist!)

    2. I found the burgers dry on 2 trips and the fries soft and tasteless. roll was nothing special and I think 5 guys is a notch above. seems like the beef is very finely ground not sure how that impacts the taste or "dryness" but just an observation.

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      1. re: FISHINC

        NAFT, I guess: your descriptions of dryness are what I usually encounter at Five Guys, in addition to annoyingly aggressive service.

        But I'd gladly eat at either Elevation or 5G: both raise the (pretty low) bar for burgers in this general area.