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Jul 14, 2009 10:34 AM

Spicy Fried Chicken

I'm having a craving for fried chicken like I had in Nashville at Prince's Hot Chicken Shack--nearly glowing, with white bread at the bottom that turned bright orange from the spices. Anyone ever had anything like it in the city?

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    1. prob nothing like your nashville craving, but 'bbq chicken' a korean chain (bbq doesn't stand for barbecue) does some scorching fried chicken... on st marks between 3rd and 2nd.

      1. ya that ain't no KFC; is it a dry fried chicken? like dry rub almost? thighs? drums?

        after looking at this:

        sounds amazing!!

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          It is amazing! I have no idea how it's made. I think the spice is all in the coating, sort of like a dry rub, but there's definitely enough lard and spices that it gets all over your hands anyway. They sell all pieces--primarily sold as dark quarter, white quarter, half, whole. The talk of it is just making my craving worse!