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Jul 14, 2009 10:32 AM

Looking for Guarana in Waltham-ish area

Hi all,

I tried Guarana (a Brazilian soda - at the Cambridge Festas Juninas this year and loved it! (If you haven't had it, it's a bit sweet, a bit tangy, not overwhelming, just refreshing...). I live in Waltham and am looking to buy some...where can I find it??


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  1. After seeing the picture of the sode can on the link I'm almost positive I've seen it in the ethnic aisle at the Stop n Shop in Brighton.

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    1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

      Yup - it's pretty much everywhere these days - check near the Goya juices / sodas in Shaw's, Stop and Shop, etc. Not usually in the regular soda aisles. I know they have it in the Somerville Stop and Shop. I am betting the Hannaford's on Main Street will have it too. (Still miss the old name - VICTORY!..."smells like" jokes used to abound...)

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        Ah, but Victory was only a passing phase that lasted a few years starting around 2000, give or take. For a great many years before it was sold to the Victory chain (which was in turn eaten by Hannafords), the supermarket was known as the Waltham Meat Market. It was a little funky, but it had a rather eclectic grocery selection and a greater range of cuts of meat than you could find in other markets, all at a good prices. I miss that place...

    2. There are two common brands of Guarana soda distributed in the area. One Guarana Brazilia has a Yellow and Red label and is made in New Jersey (I believe its manufactured there, not just bottled, by the Crystal Beverage company). This is the most common in supermarkets, especially in 2L bottles. Guarana Antartica the most ubiquitous brand in Brazil (I believe distributed by Pepsi and also a brazilian brand of beer under the AmBev family) comes in green cans and less often in 1L/2L bottles. I definitely like the Antartica a lot better. Occasionally there are others which pop up, one from Florida who's name I forget, I have seen Kuat (made by coca cola in Brazil and good) but its not common. And there are things called "real guarana" (a specific brand) or even "natural guarana" sometimes in Brazilian stores which may have more guarana extract, sometimes in natural foods stores. Brazilian stores also tend to have diet versions (and "mate" tea soda type drinks) of those two brands.

      In any case, start with the Hannaford, but its also worth checking Via Latina on main street if the Hannaford doesn't have Guarana Antartica. The latino store on Charles street also used to carry some. Do your best to check validity dates, although guarana should move pretty quickly. You can also buy guarana powder in many stores, to make energy shakes and if you order such a drink at a Brazilian bakery on request they will add a spoonful.

      1. Via Latina on Main st. carries both brands but Antarctica is far better in my opinion.They have both regular and diet. It comes in 2 liter bottles or 12 pack of cans.The Stop and Shop on River st. also carries Guarana Antartctica

        1. Perfect! Thanks so much for the replies, I think I'll try both the Antartica and the Brazilia brands at Via Latina. :) I can't quite remember what color can I had at the festas...

          1. Hello Christie, Guarana is really good. You are right it is good stuff. Today I came across the best guarana I've had. The flavor is just like any good guarana from Brazil. But this one is different. It is all natural no preservatives and no sugar, it is suited with sugar cane. It is marvelous. Sorry I don't really know where you can purchase it yet. I tasted in a barbecue party I went. The name is realguarana. as I said it is all natural.