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Jul 14, 2009 09:27 AM

Best Sushi in Santa Monica???

Hi, I'm going to be heading out to SM this week and I want sushi. Please help~!

Let me explain what I don't want:
-No rolls
-No secret sauce
-No 50% off specials
-No chinese or koreans pretending to be japanese

What I do want:
-Good quality
-Good cuts
-Reasonable value
-Omakase preferred

Something similar to Zo's or Nozawa's would do just fine.


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  1. In that case you need to move out of SM and go slightly into that portion of LA that verges onto it's Eastern border and go to Mori Sushi, which is at the very tip of the Y island / intersection of Gateway Blvd. (Ocean Park Blvd. while in Santa Monica) and Pico Blvd. - just west of the 405 Frwy.

    Mori Sushi
    11500 W Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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    1. re: Servorg

      I would have to second Mori Sushi,
      Some of the best in LA.
      It's not cheap, but it's value is reasonable for what you are served.

    2. All you had to say in your second paragraph, lamebrain, is that you wanted purist sushi.

      The Hump serves rolls but virtually no one there orders them. Many items on offer are flown in from fresh from Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo. I've had many a great omakase meals there.

      Value? I suppose $150 alone for a fresh hairy crab from Hokkaido is not many people's idea of value, but beats a round trip ticket to Sapporo to try it otherwise...

      The Hump
      Santa Monica Airport
      3221 Donald Douglas Loop South
      Santa Monica, CA 90405
      (310) 313-0977

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      1. re: J.L.

        purist sushi, got it. im still a newb =/

        Hump sounds awesome, i visited tsukiji last year and it was amazingly fresh...

        1. re: J.L.

          I was one second away from from clicking the reply button to post a scathing response for calling this poor person a "lamebrain" just for ar asking such a reasonable question, then I noticed the one key detail I had missed earlier.....

          1. re: creamfinger

            Thanks for your attention to detail, creamfinger...

            1. re: J.L.

              hahaha.. so funny... i was thinkn the same thing as creamfinger... (no name calling cmon now).

          2. re: J.L.

            if you do decide to try the hump, be aware that the tab could well EXCEED that at urasawa (i.e. exceed $400 PER PERSON).

            1. re: westsidegal

              Which (again) is still cheaper than a round-trip economy ticket to Tokyo for the same meal, and thus maintaining its value.

              Agreed that costs can easily go upwards at The Hump. BUT I've gotten out of The Hump for about $150pp before.

          3. If you like the real traditional stuff, I recommend trying Echigo on Santa Monica Blvd. It's a no-nonsense place and their chefs have come from some of the most highly regarded restaurants in LA. Omakase is best there, and don't count on any frills like fancy rolls or edamame (although their softshell crab hand roll is really tasty). They have a good 6 pc lunch for around 12 bucks.

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            1. re: irishduffy

              Although it gets mixed reviews here (ie, Echi-don't-go), I really like it. The owner, Toshi, used to be at SushiSpot in SFV and he is indeed a purist. He has warm rice, though, which some find offensive.

              1. re: TomSwift

                Purist , warm rice (warm meaning Sasabune warm and not proper warm rice), and soft shell crab roll don't belong together IMO.

                1. re: Porthos

                  Servorg is right.

                  Mori Sushi.

                  However, you ask for BEST SUSHI and then ask for REASONABLE VALUE. Mori isn't cheap, but you won't be disappointed. Get the omakase, sit at the counter and chat with him. He's friendly, fun and willing to discuss his work.

            2. Sweet, it sounds like Mori is the place for "reasonable value" sushi in SM. This is not related to sushi, but I got a rec from my friend that Musha in SM is good. I know that it's Izakaya and not sushi, but nonetheless, any comments about this place?

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              1. re: lamebrain

                Musha gets a lot of love on this board. Just do a search to find out.

                1. re: J.L.

                  Easy way to find Musha love - click on place link and scroll down to posts/threads below the info box.

                  424 Wilshire Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90401

              2. Sushi Sasabuni 12400 Wilshire Blvd. (Centinela Ave.) West LA, CA 90025. Although the new space is not as fun as the old dive on Sawtelle, it remains one of the best purist sushi bars in town. Sushi Sushi on Beverly Drive just north of Olympic is also great.

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                1. re: BSW6490

                  All right, if we wanna venture outside Santa Monica, then I offer Shibucho, on Beverly Bl. - it is a reliable, solid purist sushi venue that's is a GREAT value.

                  1. re: J.L.

                    The only time we ate at Shibucho we left hungry because he abandoned us and had someone bring a bill (stopped at Tommys after the concert). Others have complained about other customers being treated as favorites while they were ignored and some complaints too about a high bill for ???? ie no itemization. I just thought the guy was rude and clueless.