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Jul 14, 2009 09:18 AM

ISO Grilled Oysters

Just finished reading the latest edition of Saveur in which they had a recipe for grilled oysters that sounded devine (topped with garlic, parmsean and baby shrimp). Of course, I'm way to lazy to shuck oysters so I'm wondering where I can find some. The last place I remember having grilled oysters was at Prezza's and there version was terrific, but I'm wondering, are they on the menu someplace that I haven't thought about?

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  1. I have seen this in South Carolina, etc, but can't say that I've seen them on local menus. Our Northeast oysters, to my taste, are bright and briny - perfect for slurping raw. The grilling of them should be reserved for those that need garlic, etc, to give them some taste. But, that's not what you asked.... :)

    1. They're on the menu at the Union Oyster House.... and for some reason, I thought a friend mentioned grilled oysters at East Coast Grill. A quick check of their web did not clarify this, but a phone call might.

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        They used to have them on Neptunes menu,. but they weren't on it last time I ate there about a week ago.

      2. Not oysters, but the Summer Shacks has grilled clams on their menu.

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          I love those clams, and now that I found the recipe online, I grill them all the time!

        2. Not sure close by, but if you're ever in P'town Lorraine's has them and they're great.