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Jul 14, 2009 09:17 AM

L.A's Twenty-Five Most Notable Burgers

Watch the slide show and start drooling. I haven't even been through half of these places, but I gotta say that 25 Degrees has always been a stellar burger to me. It hits all of the parameters that are important to me in a burger i.e. quality of ingredients, flavor, juicyness, bun, topping selection and the fact that they will actually cook it med rare are all pluses.

Since I live in Newport, I am thrilled that there will be a 25 Degrees opening in downtown Huntington Beach soon.

I also took the time to check out the burger lists in the other cities. Great pics!!!!! Makes me want to travel and go on a burger crawl.

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  1. I've tried 15 of the 25 so far. Will have to make some special trips to tick off those in the "outlying" areas.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of 25 Degrees, but then there seems to be two main camps within the L.A. burger lover world. I also don't care for The Counter or Lucky Devils which I place in similar pre-fab territory.

    Not too surprisingly, my favorite L.A. burger, Taylor's Steakhouse, didn't make the list. But I'm glad to see they gave Golden State their due (an excellent burger) although rednyellow will now respectfully disagree.

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      I am sure we all have some favorites that we think are missing from the list. It is not the Bible, just their list! Ciao on foodies!

    2. Thanks for posting that- it's a fun link!

      Surprising to see Father's Office left off the list...

      1. That is some great food porn.

        But to not have the Father's Office burger on that list is insane.