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ice cream recipe favorites?

I just got the ice cream attachement for my mixer! I am ready to go.

What are some good recipes to start with?

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    1. I love David Lebovitz recipes. His toasted coconut is amazing.

      1. Thanks, everyone!

        I like Japanese Pumpkin! Can I use that in a regular pumpkin recipe? I would figure yes, but one never knows.

        1. I'm a huge Ben and Jerry's fan, especially Coffee Heath Bar Crunch. After a bunch of "experiments" I think I duplicated it extremely well. If you're a fan of coffee ice cream and toffee, I suggest you give it a try :)


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            Just FYI that Ben & Jerry do have an ice cream recipe book. I got it probably nearly 10 years ago from my sister when she gave me an ice cream maker for my birthday. I haven't tried all the recipes but they are good and the book has good tips in general.

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              Yeah, I've heard of the book. I'd rather experiment and come up with it on my own..better sense of satisfaction :)

          2. i just made a nice custardy vanilla, added a big spoon of barley malt in the custard and mixed in some shaved chocolate. It is good.. and i can't wait to get home cuz it wasn't chilled last night... but i really wanted to make a coconut cherry sherbert. it just sounds so good or just a fresh strawberry ice cream.

            one of my husband's fav is R. Reichl's chocolate ice cream. it gives people heart attacks

            another one is a buttermilk ice cream. it is great with the peaches and berries we have in season.

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              Wow, I love buttermilk, too. I was thinking of doing a cream cheese ice cream with red velvet cake bits in it. I figured I'd freeze the cake bits before mixing them in to the unset ice cream goo.

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                I have a ton of barley malt from a bagel making experiment. Does it mellow into a sweetener in ice cream, or how does the flavor turn out. Interesting!

              2. I haven't made it, but I have eaten it. The prune ice cream in the Chez Panisse Dessert Cookbook is my all-time favorite. It is made with prunes macerated in armagnac which is then used to flavor the custard. You can probably find the book through your library.

                1. David Lebovitz "Perfect Scoop"...made the cheesecake ice cream and it was awesome and rich. I swirled in homemade dulce de leche and broken (store bought) butterfinger cookies. I couldn't wait for it to soften to get a pretty scoop for the photo.

                  1. Creme Fraiche Ice Cream, from the Perfect Scoop. It's wonderful. You may think, oh, bland, fatty, too rich, but no! You would be wrong. The tang from the creme fraiche is lovely. Also, it has that nice creamy consistency which is sometimes missing from homemade ice cream AND it retains it, even after a day or so in the freezer.

                    Also, the fresh mint ice cream, also from the Perfect Scoop. Oh, and the fresh peach ice cream, although that's definitely best eaten right away, because it gets a little icy in the freezer. Oh, and the chocolate-coconut milk sorbet. The zabligione ice cream with Marsala, which really added to the taste and texture, went over really well with my labmates (Chinese, Italian, Indian and American). Can you tell I'm a fan?

                    1. I also highly recommend the book Perfect Scoop - and David's blog as well. The french style chocolate ice cream recipe from the book was awesome. The other thing I love is that he explains the difference between the egg based custard recipes and the Philadelphia style recipes, what add-ins work well, how to buy chocolate etc. I added little frozen balls of peanut butter to the chocolate - yum! I have also made his coffee ice cream and a brandy ice cream with spiced pecans added.

                      I also made the ice cream part of this recipe:

                      Remember though that for the French (egg based) recipes most people heat the custard at some point, and the recipe at the above link does not. I prefer the French style recipes, but they take longer. My husband likes the super fast, no cook Philly style recipes. Ice cream making is fun and addictive! Enjoy! :)

                      1. ginger ice cream...
                        2 cups milk
                        1 cup heavy cream
                        1 cup sugar, divided
                        3 Tbl chopped peeled ginger
                        7 egg yolks

                        bring milk, cream, and 1/2 cup sugar to boil. remove from heat, add ginger, let steep 15 minutes.
                        whisk together yolks and 1/2 cup sugar. add in milk s-l-o-w-l-y. transfer back to saucepan and heat until temp reaches about 180.
                        cool partially covered for an hour, then cover with plastic wrap and chill thoroughly. throw into your ice cream maker.
                        this gets more gingery by the second day.

                        1. I made a Longan Black Tea ice cream that turned out pretty tasty. It was a first effort so it's still a work in progress.

                          1. Nutella Ice Cream--This was the first recipe I made when I bought an ice cream maker and it's been requested many times.

                            3 cups whole milk, divided
                            2 tablespoons sugar
                            2 tablespoons cornstarch
                            ¼ teaspoon salt
                            1 tablespoon strong coffee
                            1 cup Nutella

                            Put canister in freezer (if you have a canister-type ice cream maker).

                            Bring 2-1/2 cups milk to a boil. While milk is coming to boil, whisk sugar, cornstarch salt, remaining ½ cup milk, and coffee together in separate bowl. Watch the milk to make sure it doesn’t boil over.

                            When milk boils, lower heat and whisk in Nutella carefully. Then whisk in the cornstarch-sugar-milk-coffee mixture. Keep whisking and increase heat to medium high. Bring to low boil and let boil for 2-3 minutes, until thickened. Remove from heat periodically if mixture seems to want to boil over. Keep whisking the whole time so that the mixture doesn’t burn.

                            Remove from heat. Place into bowl and cover. Refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, at least 4 hours (or overnight).

                            When canister is frozen and base is chilled, pour mixture into ice cream maker (according to manufacturer’s instructions). It will take about 20-25 minutes to churn until done. It will be soft at first, but can be firmed up in freezer for a few hours.

                            I'm also partial to Ginger Ice Cream, Cheesecake Ice Cream (from The Perfect Scoop--this is wonderful when poured into a graham cracker crust, frozen until firm, and topped with cherry pie filling), and Lemon Ice Cream (from Bruce Weinstein's Ultimate Ice Cream Book).

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                              Nutella ice cream??? Yes!!! I have some hazelnuts in the freezer too for topping, thanks for the great idea.

                            2. Along with the others who have replied, I am a fan of The Perfect Scoop. It was a Dessert Cookbook of the Month once upon a time, so there is lots of feedback and discussion around - this master thread has some, plus links to more: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/538450

                              Here are two more threads about it: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/416279

                              1. Today I made Alton Brown's chocolate ice cream, and I mixed in half a box of TJ's mint jo jo's (in the freezer from last year!). It was excellent!

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                                1. Two good ones we've made, both starting with a basic ice cream base.

                                  Rose water (2-3T) & toasted almonds (1c)
                                  Vanilla with Girl Scout Thin Mints (crumble them in at the end)

                                  1. I am a BIG fan of "Bruce Weinstein's The Ultimate Frozen Dessert Book, " which I learned about when I first started posting here. Not only have I absolutely LOVED each recipe I've made so far (including a grapefruit sorbe), but I also am fond of his "customize it" concept with multiple suggestions for variations at the end of each one. Here is a link to a thread with paraphrased recipes for his Peanut Butter Gelato and Orange Amaretto Julius Sorbet. As a bonus, there's a link to an excellent chocolate gelato I made from someone's blog.

                                    Another favorite of mine is fresh mint ice cream (that I didn't realize is based on something I found on Chowhound--before I knew what Chowhound even was--and one from the NPR site! I made it recently with lavender--I thought it was fab and most people who tasted it did, too, but two folks didn't dig the lavender. My mom's exact words were, "What did you add that tastes like dirt or mold?" :) HA HA! So if lavender's not your thing, just omit it. It's delicious on its own with just fresh mint.

                                    Shane G.: Great idea for the GS Thin Mints! I will try to remember that next year when I can get them again. They never last long in my house.

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                                      If you like grapefruit epicurious has a great grapefruit buttermilk ice cream.

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                                        Oooooh, bet that's interesting. Thanks for letting me know!

                                    2. i just saw another thread about toasted black sesame ice cream. now THAT sounds fabulous to me. i don't have a recipe for it, but i'm sure someone else does...

                                      1. does anyone have a recipe for a honey ice cream that they like? i'm not sure if i should replace all of the sugar with honey or not. thoughts?

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                                          i've never made it myself, but Heidi's recipes/recommendations are usually great:


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                                            Thanks for the link to the recipe. I don't have a ice cream maker yet but this will be one of my first recipes when I do acquire one. I hope this will work well with agave nectar. I have fallen in love with Haagen Daz's Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream.

                                            pigtails, have you tried the recipe?

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                                              some jumping-off places for your agave-sweetened ice cream...


                                              David Leibovitz also does an agave-sweetened chocolate, but i figured the vanilla-based recipes would be better for your honey project.

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                                                OHHHH MY!!!!!

                                                I owe you many thanks. Excited to try these.

                                        2. Hey all, I have a new favorite to add: David Lebovitz's fennel ice cream. I'm serving it with thin peach tarts that are sprinkled with sugar, cinnamon and cardamum. It is extraordinary - smooth, creamy, subtly flavored, like the best vanilla ice cream you've ever had (the recipe actually doesn't call for vanilla, but I added about a half teaspoon of extract because, well, I add vanilla to almost everything). I highly recommend it. It's just a little added bonus on top of a fruit dessert.

                                          1. David Lebovitz's salted butter caramel is my favorite ice cream ever, to date. It is sooo good, I salivate thinking about it: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives...

                                            There are plenty of other flavors here, too, if you're not into the salty/sweet thing: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/archives...

                                            1. Cinnamon ice cream ...mmmm good !

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                                                I made cinnamon basil gelato recently. I think I like it even better than fresh mint:

                                                Three out of three tasters thought it was especially delicious! It kind of reminds me of spicy eggnog.

                                                So, 1munchy1, what have you made?

                                              2. This time of year I make Alton Brown's 'burned peach' ice cream. I've found using organic dairy products and expensive vanilla beans to add a lot to the final outcome.

                                                1. I love pistachio ice cream, in Italy is made with pistachios of Sicily.

                                                  This is my recipe, if you want I can translate the recipe for you.

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                                                    Cosmopolita, I would really, really appreciate if you translate the recipe for me! Grazie!

                                                    1. re: chickster

                                                      Chickster, do you want to know also how to make pistachio paste or only ice cream?
                                                      On my blog yu can translate this page by selecting the language in the top right. But if you don't understanding I can translate everything.
                                                      Sorry for my bad English

                                                      1. re: cosmopolita

                                                        I just wanted to let you know: your English is JUST FINE. No need to apologize to anyone! :)

                                                        I'm glad to know it's easy to translate your blog by selecting the language. I look forward to learning about making pistachio paste and pistachio ice cream. How about almonds? I love almonds and would love to try that, too.

                                                  2. I've made David Leibovitz basic Vanilla recipe. Sooo good. My husband finds it too rich though. I used vanilla beans and added Dulce de Leche. I posted about it on my blog http://cookbookfixation.blogspot.com/...

                                                    1. Try Strawberry Basil Ice Cream. Just make a basic strawberry ice cream and in the last 10 minutes of "spinning" toss in some chifonade basil. It's perfect this time of year.

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                                                          In the book "under the tuscan sun" there is a hazelnut gelato recipe that is to die for. Make it every summer...


                                                      1. Cinnamon Toast Ice Cream! I found the recipe at epicurious: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/foo...

                                                        It involves a lot of work (don't bother boiling the milk three times, it comes out the same if you just heat it), but it is worth it! After trying it my family asks for nothing else!

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                                                          That is on my list...sounds fab and different and everything I love about creative homemade I-SCREAM!

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                                                            this sounds *outrageously* good. if only there was a GF bread worthy of it! :(

                                                            1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                                                              Well, if anyone could find one, for sure, it would be you! ;)