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Jul 14, 2009 08:56 AM

Sussina Bakery?

I was just given a big old gift card to here.

WHat should I go for?

It's $50!!!

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  1. Sweet!! (quite literally!) They have a berry cake which should be extra delish this season!! :)


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    1. re: Dommy

      Excuse me for sounding idiotic, but what kind of berries?

      1. re: 1munchy1

        All Kinds! Chezpei has a nice write up about it!

        And whole it's quite lovely...


            1. re: Dommy

              oog. I bet they have good chocolate, too!

    2. Get an assortment of their Italian cookies!! Love those.

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      1. re: soniabegonia

        Honestly, the main thing I like about this place are the little cookies. The cakes are meh imho. The tarts are also meh. Haven't tried the croissants.

      2. I'll second the Berry Cream Cake and the Italian Cookies. While a bit more mundane, their croissants and other pastries are first class as well. Good thing I live in the Valley, otherwise I'd go more often and have to spend all my money expanding the doorways in my home. Aughhh!

        1. The chocolate lava cake is pretty killer.

          1. Chocolate lave? Wow, sounds fudgy! They also serve food that is not dessert there? Someone told me that.

            I want goodies, of course, but I imagine $50 goes far in a bakery!

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            1. re: 1munchy1

              I'd stay away from the "food that is not dessert" there. It's also not very good. The desserts are definitely where it's at. And $50 won't go as far there as it should.

              1. re: wutzizname

                I completely disagree. I love the food at Susina. The croissants are (IMO) the best in the city, esp. the one with baked tomato, carmelized onion, and cheese. I love love love their quiche, the sandwiches are great (and come with a side of cornichons, which I love). Good fruit salad (lots of berries and kiwi, not just "filler fruit" like melon and cantaloup), and their fresh made soups always rock. The desserts go without saying-I picked up a pear tart last month, heated it in the oven, and it was amazing!! They also have great candy (like the sea salt caramels), but the only thing that kind of sucks is the lemonade. And BTW, $50 won't really go that far at Susina.

                1. re: schrutefarms

                  Really? :( Will it get me at least a good selection of baked things? I wanted to get a few different slices of cake, take them home, invite one or two people over and have a cake tasting party.

                  1. re: 1munchy1

                    $50 will for sure get you quite a few slices of cake, maybe with some change.

                  2. re: schrutefarms

                    I''m a big fan of Susina in general, but it's very hit or miss. And while I've never tried their quiche or soups, I've found all their sandwiches and salads to be huge disappointments. I also haven't tried the savory croissant you described, but I have had the plain, chocolate and almond, and I wouldn't even put them in the city's top ten. At Susina, the cakes, cookies, pies and bread pudding are where it's at. And I love their scones (especially apricot ginger, raspberry polenta and chocolate cherry).

                  3. re: wutzizname

                    I tried Susina once. The cake was ok, nothing more and the soup was terrible, bland and oily.