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Jul 14, 2009 08:48 AM

Need kids' pool party app

My son's 9 yr old baseball team is having a pool party. I want to bring a great appetizer, but don't really want to bring a dip (because boys will be boys and double-dip). What is a good pick-up appetizer that both parents and kids will like? I would love something really different but not too fussy. Thanks for your help!

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  1. I like to wrap bacon around those crunchy little bread sticks and bake it till crisp.

    You could do hot dog minis. I take a buch of little smokies and cook them-then put them in little bread rolls-you can find them at supermarkets some time.

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      I like using those little smokies and heat them up in ketchup & mustard or bbq sauce.

      You can cut string cheese in quarters and skewer with a grape tomato half. Or use mini fresh mozzarella balls if you think the kids would eat them.

      I also like to use cucumber cups to hold small portions of shrimp, crab or tuna salad. You can actually fill them with anything, use the english ones with out the seeds. And peel, cut and use a small melon baller to scoop out a cup, then salt them and drain them on a paper towel for a few minutes to get some excess water out before filling them.

      I also like to bake garlic breadsticks, cheese straws and focaccia bread to serve with apps. Any pizza or puff pastry dough (for the straws) will work.

    2. Any kind of meatballs.

      1. Maybe a Hawaiian chicken kabob with pineapple and a teriyaki glaze? Or are you looking for something that doesn't need any cooking at the site?

        1. I love chicken on a stick. Inexpensive and easy to make, grill or bake ahead and then serve with dips. I like a good marinade on mine so very tender and juicy and then a couple of dips on the side. For kids. Absolutely BBQ or ranch, For adults a spicy honey mustard or a sweet and sour chili sauce or terriyaki sauce. They are adult but still easy. Can easily be served room temp doesn't have to be hot. I marinade in a garlicky olive oil and herb marinade over night, then I thin slice into long strips and then ribbon them on to short wooden skewers. It takes just a few minutes to cook and then set to the side. Serve with the dips.

          Bacon wrapped chicken bites also on a skewer is a lot of fun. Use a maple bacon or hickory and then a sweet honey mustard sauce. Easy and just a couple of bites per skewer. Room temp again.

          I like what I call my mini sandwiches. I take small round rolls and just cut a hole in the top and scoop out the bread. Bake for 5 minutes just to crunch up a bit and then fill with chicken salad, shrimp salad, egg salad or anything you want.

          Pizza, make the crust ahead and top with a mix of caesar chicken salad, some lettuce, chicken caesar dressing, maybe some olives, etc. Or you can use your favorite salad like feta, spinach, olives, tomatoes. A healthy way to get kids to eat salad.

          For a desert, I use crescent rolls (pillsbury) and spread with cream cheese walnuts and raspberry jam and roll and bake. Serve warm if possible, but room temp is just fine. A sweet desert but not too much.
          ...these are also great with cream cheese, fresh herbs, proscuitto ham and some parm and then rolled and baked. Totally different but they need to be warm.

          Fruit salad or fruit skewers grilled and then chilled.

          One favorite is apple sage sausage, found at most grocers or you can you use your favorite spiced sausage and then cut into bite size pieces. I add some maple syrup, a little chili sauce for some spice and a little apple juice and then cook in the crock pot 3 hours. You can take the pot it will stay warm for a while. Transfer to a bowl and poke tooth picks in the sausage and serve with fresh apple slices. Easy quick, inexpensive, delish and kids love it. I like to put some apples on the tooth picks or mini skewers first and then the sausage so everyone gets the idea. It is really tasty.

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            I would second the bacon wrapped chicken bites. I've also had a similar thing that was baked inside crescent roll dough--kind of a fancied up pig in blanket that was served with a really tasty honey mustard.

            Sweet and sour meatballs would be good. You can always do the crockpot thing with any kind of meatball.

            Chicken satay on a stick? it's peanut would like that, right?

          2. This may not be a good idea if the food is going to be outside on a hot summer day, but if the food will be inside, I've been mesmerized by the "stained glass" gelatin ever since I saw them! Maybe you can find the right colored flavors to match the baseball team?


            Maybe you're looking for more savory suggestions or this seems too much like a dessert, but as the saying goes, there's always room....:)