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Jul 14, 2009 08:28 AM

Best old Hollywood L.A. bars

Heading to L.A. this weekend--is the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills hotel worth it? Also, any recommendations on other old bars that are a classic Hollywood experience?

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    1. Polo Lounge is still great. Musso Franks. Dan Tana's.

      Then there are old bars from the music days, rather than film, like PowerHouse and Frolic Room.

      1. The Polo Lounge is expensive, with an odd rich old guy/tacky ladies clientele, but the atmosphere is still good.
        Try the Formosa Cafe. I also like the tiny mezzanine bar at Taylor's Steakhouse, and the bar at the Smokehouse in Burbank.
        And in the music days category, add Boardner's in Hollywood.

        1. The Polo Lounge's food isn't the greatest in the world (I still enjoy their steaks) but the atmosphere is worth it. The piano player is great and the drinks are consistently good.
          It depends on what you want. The clientele is a mixture of guests, locals and those who live at the hotel.

          1. Yes, it would probably help to clarify if you're looking for (and/or okay with) both the upscale old school spots (like the Polo Room you mentioned) as well as the real deal dives (Frolic Room probably being the diviest example so far). Boardner's was one, but they got a pretty decent makeover in the last year or two. Still casual, but not the old Whiskey soaked haunt it once was.

            If you're leaning fully toward the Polo Lounge end of the spectrum, you should also pay a visit to the Chateau Marmont.